Why You Shouldn’t Use Stock Photography


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Royalty free and copyright free images seem to be a boon for web designers. We often see tons of images on websites of business people in suits with the same smile and pose. How can a website be unique if companies are not willing to get customised images? Images are supposed to be stunning and eye-catching but how can stock images have such qualities when people have seen them on every other website. Also, how many stock images do get shared on social networking platforms? Very few! This means that stock images are not shareworthy and add no value to your website. Here are a few reasons why you should not use stock images on websites.

Stock images are clichéd

Stock images on websites almost always depict a racially diverse group of people dressed in business suits and shaking hands with each other. Such images say nothing about the company and convey stereotypical views that people have of businesspeople. Stock images always portray the same scene with different people and contexts that do not reflect on your business at all. You can instead take pictures of your own employees and post them on your website. This not only makes your website more fun, but it also allows customers and web visitors to see the faces behind your brand.

Stock images are not unique 

As mentioned before, stock images are used by so many websites that they get overused. People would have seen the stock images on your website on so many others that they can even become annoying. The biggest mistake that any company can make is use stock images on their websites that have nothing to do with the brand or do not fit with the overall values of a brand. For example, if your business is lively and casual with a youthful workforce and no dress codes, why place a stock image of business people in suits shaking hands formally on the website. This is in complete contract of your brand identity.

Show off your people, products, work environment and business aesthetics with images on your website. You can hire a photographer or even find a photographer in-house to take relevant pictures for your brand. In fact, some companies are eliminating images all together and using stunning illustrations and graphics. Many websites are replacing large, high-pixel images with fun illustrations and animations.

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