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Google Ads - your shortcut to more paying customers on the Central Coast

When Every Dollar Counts, Google Ads Is A Proven Winner


Real-time data to target a better ROI


In-depth reporting delivered to you


Smart optimisations and tweaks


Immediate conversions upon launch


Setup and management handled for you

Make Google Ads Work For You

2 x ROI
Regular Google Ads Campaign
0 x ROI
Google Ad Campaign With Oddball’s Secret Sauce

Picture this: An Aussie removal company charges around $1000 a job, but the industry they’re in is competitive, and the cost-per-click is high. Their Google Ads campaign costs just over $10 for every click, and it generates 300 clicks. That’s a monthly spend of $3000. With a conversion rate of 3%, they would get 9 conversions. At an average sale value of $1000, they’ve earned $9,000, for an $3000 spend – a profit of $6000 (2x ROI).

However, with a site that’s optimised, and strong ad campaign set up, they could reach at a better conversion rate of 11.4%. Now, with the same 300 clicks, we have 34 conversions. 34 x $1000 = $34,000, and that’s all with the same spend of $3000, so that’s an 10.33x ROI! If that doesn’t sound realistic, think again. We’re achieving those numbers right now for one of our ongoing clients. And we can achieve this for your business too.

Stay Top Of Mind With Display Ads

Getting Down To Business

You’re not limited or locked-in to one particular Google Ads strategy. Here are some ways you can reach existing and new customers:

Search Network

Rank above organic Google search


Bring your brand to life using video

Display Network

Connect with potential customers


Reach a mobile-friendly audience


Get your product in front of buyers


Guide users back to your site

Our Google Ads Approach

Why Businesses Trust Oddball Marketing


Our search marketing team has had years of experience in the Google Ads space (and its previous iterations). We’ve been building and tweaking campaigns for many businesses - most on an ongoing basis. We know how Google Ads can work for you.


We tell you what’s happening and why. If something needs changing, we explain why. Our reporting is comprehensive and consistent. We always give you the full picture, so you can make the right decisions.


You’re not locked into a contract with us. You have full control over how your Google Ads account operates. We always act on your feedback and address any concerns you may have. It’s your account, and we’re here to help you get the best out of it.

Because we’re a full-service marketing agency, we don’t just focus on one channel or strategy.

We can deliver you a complete solution across:


Create and grow your brand personality via social channels

Web Design

We’ll build your online shopfront to reach your customers


We will help you rank on the first page of Google

Graphic Design

Stylish brochures, business cards, letterheads and more


Improve content across your site, social media, and blogs

Branding & Logos

Create, refresh, or update your logo and branding

When you need a Google Ads strategy that adds up for your business, call on
Oddball Marketing.

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