Graphic Design Brings Your Story To Life

Because first impressions should be lasting ones

Beautifully-designed brochures, posters and creative printed material engage customers on a deeper level.

Connecting through physical touch works in a way digital media cannot.

Making a Graphic Design Difference on the Central Coast:

Your Local Print Broker

We scour the landscape to locate the best printers for the format your project demands. One printer may produce amazing business cards, while another prints the best signage. We always look for the right type of printing company for you, ensuring the best quality and value.

Print Versus Digital

Some of us wise, old Oddballers remember when print was arranged manually on a press and trimmed by hand. Now it's all digital. Times and terminology may have changed, yet the fundamentals of great print design and sharp copywriting haven't. We know the difference.

We Speak Fluent Printerese

Screens use RGB, print uses CMYK. They may not sound so different, but to create colours, these systems are poles apart. Combining colours in RGB makes white, while combining CMYK makes black. You can leave translating Printerese to us, it's one of our native tongues.

From Concept to Print

Oddball’s Intelligent Creative Process


Find out as much as possible about you and your business


Take a deeper dive into the business and gather the necessary assets


Brainstorm ideas using mood boards and develop concepts


Process your feedback and make further revisions to the concepts


Final files go to you - we go live, send to print, and arrange production

Because we’re a full-service marketing agency, we don’t just focus on one channel or strategy.

We can deliver your Central Coast Business a complete solution across:

Google Ads

Increase your conversions by targeting people ready to buy

Web Design

We’ll build your online shopfront to reach your customers


We will help you rank on the first page of Google


Create and grow your brand personality via social channels


Improve content across your site, social media, and blogs

Branding & Logos

Create, refresh, or update your logo and branding

What You Get With Oddball Marketing


Proven, consistent, data-driven leads, sales and growth.


Experience and skills to follow through on your decisions.


Multiple design specialists, together under one local roof.


Creative, targeted SEO strategies. We think outside the circle.


A shared enthusiasm and energy for what you do as a business.

When you need graphic design that attracts the right buyers to your business, contact Oddball Marketing.

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