Social Media Marketing

Connect, Engage and Convert Customers
with Less Effort and Greater Returns


Our Marketing Strategist ensures all your messaging is en pointe and key objectives are met


Our Social Media Guru selects all the right channels and campaign objectives for maximum impact


Our Art Director creates engaging imagery to ensure you stand out and get attention


Our Client Services expert monitors, analyses & reports your campaign results

When to get help with your social media marketing…

You’re spending money on ads and promoting posts, but it’s not producing great results

Your time is being consumed by managing campaigns and trying to keep up with the constant changes and new algorithms

You don’t have the breadth of expertise in-house to maximise the different elements of your campaigns

You have specific growth and/or sales targets, so you need a team of experts who can deliver

If your social media marketing isn’t resulting in quality enquiries, leads and business, then it’s not performing for you.

That’s how we measure success here at Oddball.

It’s much more than posts, likes and shares.
It’s about generating more business for you and delivering on your goals.
Just ask our clients…

New leads for high value niche analytical devices
0 %
Increase in Facebook page follows
Sign-ups to online learning platform

Note: All above results were over a 3 month period

Successful Social Media Marketing takes a team of specialists

When you work with Oddball you get so much more than likes and love hearts. Our in-house team of experts work together to drive your campaigns towards success.

Connect With Customers Like Never Before.

With an experienced team at your side, you can target customers in a way that has never been possible before. We build the right foundations and target your ideal audience with a strategy that is designed to convert. We use these strategies to:

  • Grow a community of loyal followers who are engaged with your brand and therefore easier to convert into customers when they’re ready to buy
  • Run paid ad campaigns that target your ideal audience and influence them to take action, meaning more qualified leads
  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention, by staying connected to your customers across multiple channels, and giving them a more personalised experience
  • Build relationships with other businesses through groups and  communities, to increase your reach, exposure and credibility

Social Media Success Story

Client: Picture Perfect Products
Solution: Social media strategy incorporating campaigns to retarget customers who had shown interest in a particular product(s), retarget customers who had put items in the cart but not purchased, and encourage current customers to re-purchase.
Result: Over $230,000 sales in 3 months!

$ 0
Total Ad Spend
$ 0
Total Sales
New Website Visitors


“After 14 years in business, it got to the stage where the marketing got so involved  and out of our ability to do…so we started working with Oddball. Wow, here we are two years later – it’s crazy. The amount of business we’re doing now, we would never have dreamed it.”

– Terry Rea, Founder
Picture Perfect Products

Is Oddball the Right Fit?

What makes us different is our approach to social media. At Oddball, we use social media as a tool to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Specifically, we:

Dig into the psychology of your “Ideal Customer”, so we can intimately understand:

  • Who they are
  • Where they are
  • What stage of the Customer Buying Journey they’re at
  • What will get their attention
  • What will influence them to take action

Create messaging and imagery that cuts through the noise and talks directly to your ideal customers

Use advanced tools for better targeting, management and analysis

Build intelligent campaigns that integrate with various software, to give your customers a complete journey that nurtures and builds relationships with them at every step

This means we can reach the right people at the right time, and influence them to take the right action.

Meaning you get better results and a greater return on your investment! Would you like some of that?

The Oddball Approach

Audience Research

We take the time to identify your ideal customers and their psychology, so we intimately understand who they are and their buying behaviour.

Developing The Plan

We work with you on your key goals and priorities, and combine this with our audience research to create a tailored strategy that can continually be tracked, measured and evolved.

Ad Creative

Utilising the wide range of design capabilities within the social platforms, our team of experts create messaging, content and imagery, targeted at your ideal audience, so it grabs their attention and gets them to take action.

Paid Campaigns

Building an effective social ad campaign requires a lot of technical know-how and back-end work. Our Social Media gurus live and breathe this stuff, so they’re constantly on top of the latest algorithms and techniques to ensure your campaigns are continually optimised and delivering the best results possible.

Organic Campaigns

Each post we put out is strategic and has purpose, so we build out content calendars in advance to ensure everything works together and drives you towards your objectives.


We work with key data to directly track the success of your campaigns, and continually refine, optimise and maximise results. Throughout the campaign you receive reporting on these metrics and detailed recommendations.

What our clients are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. A bigger following can benefit your organic posting, but it’s not as important with paid advertising campaigns. What is important however, is that you have quality followers who are engaged with your brand. The specific strategy you need will depend on your audience and the platform you’re using. 

It depends on the audience and how you want to engage with them. We have a specific process for diving deep into the psychology of your ideal customers, their daily life and buying behaviour. This allows us to make informed decisions about the right platforms to reach them, so you can optimise your budget and focus on those platforms that will give you the greatest ROI.

  • Times your followers are online
  • Your fans age, location, gender and interests
  • How each post is performing (engagement, reach, impressions, ROI etc)
  • Your profile activity
  • Activity / Funnel insight of your fans and customers
  • If you’re an e-commerce site, the value of your fans
  • + Heaps more

This largely comes down to who your audience is and what your objectives are. Social media isn’t for everyone, but it does work incredibly well for a lot of businesses – providing you’re using it strategically.

In fact, having a strategy is the only way to accurately assess if you’re getting a return on your investment, because it gives you key metrics to measure against. Social media provides an unbelievable amount of data, so it’s very easy to track your investment and ensure your campaigns are constantly working to optimise it.

Ad campaigns allow you to target specific people and encourage them to take specific actions, both within the platform and on your website. They also allow you to track and measure critical information that you can use to refine your ads to produce better results.

It’s important however that they are set up and optimised correctly, otherwise you’re likely to waste a lot of time and money targeting the wrong people and/or not getting them to take action.

Unfortunately there is no one size fits all here. The price of ads depends on many factors, including:

  • Campaign objective
  • Audience size
  • Previous campaigns and available data
  • Your service/product and industry

Once we understand your objectives and create your strategy we will make recommendations and of course work with what you want/can pay.

We don’t outsource anything. We have a full team of in-house experts who will work on your campaigns whenever needed:

  • Marketing Strategists
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Analytics Experts
  • Design Superstars
  • Website Gurus
  • Word Wizards
  • Content Creators

and much more, so you can be sure all bases are covered. 

If you’re ready to take your Social Media Marketing to the next level and grow your business, then our Oddball approach could be exactly what you need.

To find out if we’re the right solution for you, simply book a complimentary discovery session with one of our strategists: