Copywriting & Content Creation

If content is King,
then context is Queen.

The right words in the right place at the right time have an incredible power to connect. We find the best way to tell your brand’s story, and the most potent platform to sell it on. The result? A level of engagement beyond words.

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Audit. Customise. Create.

We sharpen your messaging. Tailor your brand story to your objectives. Refocus your website to actually speak to your audience. Grabbing a reader’s attention and inciting a reaction means placing the perfect content in front of them – quickly. 

We take a creative yet practical approach to copywriting: keep things simple, speak the truth, utilise keyword research, and always encourage connection.

Content Marketing with Oddball

SEO-Rich Content

Our in-house Content Specialist researches your brand and works directly with our SEO Specialist to optimise your digital content. We only produce keyword-inspired copy – never keyword-flooded text worthy of a robot.

Content Strategy

Cleverly written content is often part of a wider strategy for progressive businesses. Looking to grow your audience by offering greater engagement value? We can research and create a holistic content marketing plan for your brand.

Publish with Purpose

From advanced tone of voice work, to a suite of insightful blog posts – we produce the style of content your business needs to prompt a reaction. Copywriting, copyediting and pre-publish proofreading are all part of the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite a lot actually! Copywriting usually starts from scratch, so the writer is tasked with creating something from next to nothing. Copyediting plays with existing text to improve its structure, language and flow, removing any cliches, typos or grammar slip ups. Proofing is an essential fact and quality check of content ready to publish. All these types of content work require the final result to be on-brand and on-point.

Nope. We have a qualified in-house team of marketers, including a Content Specialist who will research and write copy that reflets the message your brand wants to share. They work with our Account Managers to understand your brand objectives, business, pain points and objectives. If you prefer to meet with our specialist directly, this can be arranged.
Blogs are very popular, but don’t always suit every business and take time resource. Rather than blindly publishing hollow blog posts as “everyone else is doing it”, we take a holistic look at your brand to recommend a wider content strategy that will suit your market and audience. If our tailored advice suggests producing regular articles for a blog will benefit your business, we can edit or write these for you.
We suggest starting with a simple Website Content Audit. When you are so involved with your own business, it is difficult to see things objecitvely. We can complete a review of your existing website – including written content and imagery – and provide recommendations that will help it to look, sound and feel more attractive and engaging. Whether it’s a total rebuild, or copywriting overhaul, we’re ready when you are.

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