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Your goal
To be listed on the first page of Google – preferably No.1 – for high-volume keyword searches to attract the right customers who will keep coming back for more.

The Oddball Marketing difference
Our SEO agency adapts quickly as Google updates its algorithm and we know what to do. 
And we deliver more clicks from people who actually want to buy your products or services.

What You Get With Our Smart SEO Strategies


Proven, steady traffic, leads, sales and growth over time.


An SEO plan built exclusively for your business.


Experience and skills to follow through on your decisions.


A team of SEM specialists, together under one local roof.


Creative, targeted SEO strategies. We think outside the circle.


A shared enthusiasm and energy for achieving your SEO goals.

Discover The Best SEO ROI

To get the best possible SEO return on investment, we know your traffic needs to be:

These types of visitors equal higher revenues and profits when you have a fully integrated SEO web strategy.

Only the very best SEO web design is maximised for conversions

With Us, Your SEO Will:

Target the right people

Match customer search intent

Create relevant content

Answer customer questions

Increase Backlinks

Build authority and expertise

Increase visibility in SERPs

Earn quality reviews

Set up a content strategy

Enhance customer experience

Because we’re a full-service marketing agency, we don’t just focus on one channel or strategy.

We can deliver you a complete solution across:

Google Ads

Increase your conversions by targeting people ready to buy

Web Design

We’ll build your online shopfront to reach your customers


Create and grow your brand personality via social channels

Graphic Design

Stylish brochures, business cards, letterheads and more


Improve content across your site, social media, and blogs

Branding & Logos

Create, refresh, or update your logo and branding

We’re The Central Coast Marketing Agency With The Ideas And Time For You

Meet for a free session

where we can get to know each other

We’ll take what we’ve learned

and work on a plan tailored for you

We present to you our ideas

and strategies for your business

If you’re happy

with the direction, sign us up!

When you’re ready to realise your full potential, let's get the ball rolling on the right SEO strategy for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation FAQs

We don’t make those guarantees, and any agency that does is suspicious. What we will do is be straight with you, and give you a decent idea of when you can expect to see results. Competitive industries will take longer to rise the rankings.

It depends on industry competitiveness, how much optimisation work needs to be done on your site, and a few other factors. If the website has major performance issues we’ll have to address these issues before working on getting the site to be higher ranked.

No. If your site has been optimised by someone in the past that you suspect engaged in this, we can help resolve any issues present.

  • SEO acquires customers at 25c on the dollar compared to any other paid channel
  • Search engine optimisation also strengthens your brand equity and reputation
  • SEO traffic is 5X higher than PPC and 10X higher than social media
  • A Forrester Consulting study shows customers acquired through SEO are more loyal, leading to greater customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • SEO programming: We put in place tailored solutions, and target the right keywords for your business.
  • Reporting and tracking: Full transparency, so we let you know what we’re doing and what’s working for you.
  • Strategic guidance: We have a better understanding of marketing, search intent and the buyer’s journey.

No. We don’t do lock-in contracts.

This depends on the industry, and whether or not you have high-quality content. It’s nearly impossible to try and build backlinks if you don’t have a decent blog. We won’t promise it, but if we see potential with your site, we will definitely agree to set long-term targets.

It makes sense to do SEO. By performing an in-depth analysis of your site’s code and content, you can optimise it to load quickly, read well to crawlers, and rank higher in Google search results. When you can afford only one marketing strategy, SEO is still your best bet if your priority is high ROI.

In today’s market, Google dominates local and national searches for keywords you’re trying to rank for. When you dominate a local or national search for that keyword, you are the destination. That’s why SEO is important.

We have experience in performing search engine optimisation on platforms such as Neto, Shopify, Joomla, and Squarespace.

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