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Kids Dance School Rejigs Enrolment Journey | Marketing Strategy

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. When a youth dance school approached us for help strengthening their marketing strategy, we couldn't wait to get them performing at their best.


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A dance school for children approached us with an intention to review their current strategy and provide a single marketing team to help them grow.

* Due to the details we share in this case study, we’ve withheld our client’s name for privacy reasons.

Client Background

Before coming to Oddball, notably this business was not actively tracking their enrolments, and among other things were not prepared for rapid growth. They requested that we review their current marketing efforts and provide a single marketing team to help build their business. After reviewing their sales and marketing metrics, we realised the real issue was much deeper.

The Problem

Like many businesses who have experienced sudden growth – their systems hadn’t been modified to accommodate the changes. This left the dance school with many cracks in the system. It also meant they’d dropped the ball on a number of great sales opportunities. We have seen this many times before when new clients approach us, and understand it’s a common pain… But, Oddball always finds a workable solution!

The Oddball Approach

We determined that this client was not tracking their customer enquiry to enrolment conversions at all. This is vital for efficient business management and responding to opportunities to grow! They were also not monitoring the rate and number of enquiries for each dance class, so there was no tangible idea of performance available. Luckily, we work well with a blank slate.

We devised a simple strategy to track the amount of enquiries our client received per month (in an accessible Google Sheet document). From this foundation, we were then able to identify the amount of enquiries per class via the client’s website and other platforms.

We created and installed unique web forms on each page of our client’s site to track individual leads as they came in. Prior to this, our client was only operating from a basic form with no clear purpose.

Our initial reporting revealed a significantly low number of high school students and kids parties. This gave our team the necessary fuel to move forward and refocus our efforts.

Backed with research and context of our client’s audience, we tackled:

  • Website enhancements
  • Improved marketing spend
  • Removing soulless stock imagery
  • Producing creative content – emotive videos 
    • Testimonials from Parents (best result)
    • Kids and teachers having fun (next best)

The Effect

First month working with Oddball (client spend approximately $1,000):

  • We identified x117 Enquiries across all class types, across all platforms 

This client currently – at the time of writing – possess over x800 enrolments on their dance classes, with a goal to continue growing that to 1,000 enrolments.