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Home Insulation Service | Dual Brand Marketing Strategy

Sometimes two is better than one. In strategic marketing, a dual brand approach helps you stand out in your market and attract more leads by promoting your strengths in a different way.


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Home insulation brand with offices based on the Central Coast, Sydney and ACT.

* Due to the details we share in this case study, we’ve withheld our client’s name for privacy reasons.

Client Background

With offices based throughout New South Wales, this particular home insulation provider were in the process of expanding their services and audience rapidly. With ambitious goals for growing their revenue, they approached Oddball Marketing to develop a Lead Generation Google Ads campaign. We were asked to target the base level of online searchers in the sales funnel; those actively searching for insulation services or products.

The Goals

  • Drive traffic directly to the client’s website
  • Generate high-quality conversions
  • Generate phone calls, or form submissions, that lead to onsite quotes.

The Oddball Approach

As we are marketing specialists (not home insulation specialists!) our team began by conducting thorough industry research, including taking a look at the messaging of competing brands. We identified that the majority of consumers will seek multiple quotes for home insulation services before deciding on where to put their hard-earned cash. This was an extremely useful discovery to work into our campaign.

With that customer profile considered, we developed a Dual Brand approach. By adopting this, our aim was to:

  • Occupy 2 out of 3 high-value Google Ads positions
  • Attract a greater share of clicks and impressions
  • Limit the number of leads/quotes lost to the client’s competitors.

The next step was to conduct Keyword Research. We identified high-value keywords, which would help to target our campaign and forecast campaign performance. From here, our campaign execution became quite technical…

Oddball utilised our in-house Marketing Specialist (who speaks fluent Google) to:

  • Develop multiple location and service-based landing pages (that looked awesome on both desktop and mobile devices)
  • Utilise narrow radius location targeting, prioritising higher-value geographic areas, improving lead quality and using our client’s budget efficiently
  • Create and test campaign messaging – identify what types attracted the most attention & triggered action
  • Establish dynamic Phone Number Insertion and Call Tracking – quantify high-quality phone call conversions.

The Effect

Oddball Marketing developed a highly-effective Lead Generation campaign with this rapidly growing company. We delivered a consistent flow of high-quality conversions and enquiries directly to this client, generating a combined total of x950 leads at the time of writing.

That’s an impressive total revenue for our client of more than $260,000. At Oddball, we’re happy if you are – and this particular client was very happy with the outcome of our dual brand marketing strategy.

Conversions 505 445
Conversion Rate 10.99% 11.53%
Cost/Conversion $31.33 $27.32
Total Conversion Value $140,000 $124,000
Return On Investment 693% 809%