What to Expect from an Oddball Discovery Session

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Every new client of Oddball Marketing is offered a free, zero-obligation discovery session to pinpoint what your business needs to grow simply by talking to you, person to person.

Your place, or ours?

We like to do things differently to other marketing agencies and web designers on the Central Coast. We are a proactive team of local marketers who like to get out there and chat with our clients. We like to meet the people we work with face to face – at their office or ours – as we’ve learnt this is the best route to success. Simply lay all possibilities and ideas on the table, sort out what’s vital right now, and let the real work begin.

We call our important, initial meetings “Oddball Discovery Sessions”. And that’s exactly what they are – an informal chance for us to discover what makes you, and your business, tick. They only take one hour on average, and you don’t have to turn up suited and booted. Just a casual chat with your potential project lead, coffee included of course.

What’s the point of a discovery session?

We place great value in being in regular contact with every company we work with. This is one of the most efficient ways to add value to your business.

Creating the best brief for a marketing agency doesn’t often come from a trail of emails or quick bluetooth car call while a client is driving up from Sydney. Sometimes a project needs a little more information, context and background. We like to give every job a little extra thought than what is expected of regular, rushed agency briefing sessions.

Did you know we have an in-house graphic designer, copywriter, SEO expert, web developer, social media manager and more? This talent is all available to you, and the best way to explain which of our team’s skills will work for your business is to lay all the options out in your session. Each of our marketing specialists are available to join in on a discovery session on request – just ask us what skill you’re after.

Are we comfortable with each other?

We meet to see how well we hit it off. This is a business relationship we’re starting after all, and we’re not after a short fling. Your discovery session is designed to match up what we think your business’ values and priorities are, with what you think they are. The idea is to come away from the session singing from the same hymn sheet!

We also consider this initial meet and greet a great chance to see how we work together as a team – do we click? Are you comfortable with our approach? Are you confident you can call us up with a question any time? We want you to leave the session saying “Yes” to all of the above.

Do we want the same things?

Like a first date, some business meetings go well, but others naturally don’t lead anywhere. Perhaps the timing isn’t right. Maybe there was simply no chemistry. Maybe we follow different rules or you don’t support the same strong ethics we do. We think it’s helpful for both parties to know these things from the word go, before any contracts are signed.

We also know the best way to pinpoint what your business needs to grow is simply by talking to you. Person to person. A discovery session is not designed to be a glossy way to up-sell you more services or throw an hour of marketing jargon at you to decode. It’s beneficial for both of us, as we get to hear firsthand about all the work you do, and you get to know us better as your agency of choice, and can get a feel for how we operate.

What do I get from an Oddball Discovery Session?

Every new client will get the following benefits from their session:

  • Meet your dedicated Account Manager
  • Visit our office and meet the talent behind the Oddball team
  • Free ear time to discuss your priorities and business goals
  • Chance to describe your business strategy in a friendly environment
  • Pick & Mix from our complete menu of marketing services
  • Save time with back and forth emails trying to explain things
  • learer idea of your business with our feedback
  • An exquisite cuppa to accompany your meeting, on request.

What kind of questions do you ask?

The aim is to give you the floor, so we can focus on listening and learning more about your business – what you do and why you do it. If you are booked in for a discovery session with us and want to prepare, here’s some of the typical questions we will ask you:

  • Tell us about your business – history, operations, size
  • What makes you special compared to your competition?
  • What are your current challenges?
  • What does your current marketing plan look like / does it exist?
  • Describe your average customer
  • What are your business goals for the next 3 months, year, or 5 years?

How do I book an Oddball Discovery Session?

We offer all potential new clients a FREE Oddball Discovery Session as part of kickstarting the relationship. We don’t apply any pressure during this session – it’s an obligation-free opportunity to get to know each other better. Since we first introduced this method as part of our operations,  we are consistently seeing the benefits in client interactions, and project success rates.

Book in for your own obligation-free Oddball Discovery Session today. 

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