What is the Average Engagement Rate for Websites in 2024?

In today’s digital era, website engagement rates have become a critical metric for businesses and marketers. 

Understanding these rates can offer valuable insights into how effectively a website captures and maintains the interest of its visitors.

Key Statistics

  • The average website engagement rate is 66%*
  • The engagement rate for B2B websites is 63%
  • The engagement rate for B2C websites is 71%

*Based on a study of Oddball client website data throughout the year of 2023

What is the Average Engagement Rate for Websites in 2024?

chart showing average website engagement rates by business category

The average engagement rate for websites stands at 66%. 

Engagement rate is crucial as it indicates how well a website is performing in terms of visitor interaction and retention. 

High engagement rates typically signify compelling content and a good user experience, while lower rates may suggest areas for improvement.

Average Website Engagement Rate by Industry

IndustryEngagement Rate
Apparel & Footwear60.23%
Consulting & Professional Services52.43%
eCommerce & Marketplaces63.86%
Health Care59.97%
Health & Wellness62.22%
Information Technology & Services52.64%
Industrials & Manufacturing58.33%
Real Estate54.13%
Travel & Leisure61.55%

Engagement rates vary significantly across industries. 

chart showing the average website engagement rate by industry

For instance, eCommerce shows a notably high rate of 63.86%, reflecting the interactive nature of these platforms. 

On the other hand, industries such as Consulting & Professional Services and SaaS register lower rates, at 52.43%, potentially due to the more informational and less interactive nature of these websites.

Need help improving your website engagement rate?

Understanding website engagement rates is vital for businesses to gauge their online effectiveness. 

Different industries exhibit varied rates, indicating the need for tailored strategies. 

At Oddball Marketing, we specialise in enhancing online engagement through creative and practical web design

To discuss your needs and learn how we can assist, get in touch today.

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