The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Website

If the big word on your mind at the moment is ‘Website’ then you need to do some planning before embarking on the project itself.

Without planning and perspective, a website can easily become a high-cost, large-scale, low-return waste of Internet space (among other things).

Nobody wants that.

So answer these questions and follow the Oddball Marketing Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Next Website.

Do you already have a website?

  1. If yes, what’s your goal?  
  2. If no, what’s your goal?

Before you set out on the website journey, you need to know where you want to end up. If you need help defining your goal, you’ll enjoy an Oddball Discovery Session (one hour, no obligation).

If this is your first business website, ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve with a website, and why you need one now.

If you already have a website, ask yourself what your existing site isn’t delivering.

Things your website should address

Mobile responsiveness. Mobile internet traffic is now the way the majority of shoppers engage with websites (more than via desktops!)  A mobile-friendly website will rank better in search results too.

Outdated branding.  Your business has changed significantly and the website hasn’t caught up with the changes? Mergers and new owners, moving premises, an updated visual identity or spreading out in to new markets – your website (and everything else) must reflect and reinforce your new identity.

Low conversion rates. If you’re not already tracking your website’s data, then you need to be! How are your visitors converting? Strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) will help generate leads or achieve your website’s core objectives.

Confusing navigation. According to Forrester Research, websites lose 50% of potential sales a because users are unable to find the information they want. Improving your website navigation can improve user experience, keeping them on your site for longer and removing the frustrations that turn them away.

Slow loading time. Nobody enjoys waiting for a site to load, especially when they’re on a mobile and seeking something particular. They just go somewhere else. Slow loading might relate to the website itself or the site’s – that’s why Oddball does both.

Search Engine Optimisation. Take the steps necessary to ensure your site shows up in search and ranks competitively. Looking at things through the lens of optimisation (as we do) impacts the way the site is built, designed and written as well as a multitude of details behind the scenes. You can’t see SEO but you can see the results.

What’s Next?

  • Do some thinking and analysing of your current situation
  • Do some dreaming about where you need to be
  • Check out our website for an idea of what we can do for you
  • Book a Discovery Session
  • Come prepared for success!

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