The Core Elements of Great Website Design

Struggling for inspiration with your next website design?

Most often than not, the best websites or the most effective websites are the ones that are simple, clean and clutter-free. People want websites that are easy to understand and make it easier for them to find the information that they need without wasting a lot of time or effort. People also do not appreciate websites that take a long time to load and work. Cluttered websites with too many dynamic and distracting components can be off-putting. Similarly, websites with very little relevant content and too many advertisements – especially pop-up ones, can be very annoying. Here are some core elements that make a website great:

High-quality content

No matter how stunning a website is, it will not be successful without great content. Your content needs to be well-written, clean, simple, easy-to-understand and most importantly, engaging. Make sure you connect with visitors with your web content and you can achieve this by directing your content towards your customers. Instead of using terms like “we”, “us”, etc. use words like “you” that allow you to address the readers directly. Also, instead of talking about the features of your product and services, show how they can improve the lives of customers and describe the benefits of the product.  It goes without saying that technical jargon should be eliminated as much as possible as customers will not understand such terms.

Easy navigation

This is probably the most important component of a successful website. The navigation scheme must be easy and crystal clear. You should make it easier for visitors to engage further with your content and brand. Once the website becomes easy to navigate, user engagement and the number of visitors are bound to increase. Make navigation bars and buttons prominent and these navigation components should be self-explanatory so that the website visitor knows exactly what they do. Also, make sure to put the navigation components in one place where they are easy to find.

Attractive images

There is a growing demand for visual content like images. To make your website truly stand out, add high quality images to the textual content. Pictures speak a thousand words and can give readers a gist of your content without having to read long form textual content. Instead of using generic, boring and often irrelevant stock images that adds no value to your website, hire a photographer to take original, iconic and stunning images that are relevant to your content, company and website. Images are highly shareworthy so adding original and attractive images to your website means your content gets shared more.

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