The 3 Little Things that Make a Big Difference to Website Design

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Website design is a subjective thing most of the time. It’s like art: what one person likes, the next person will hate.  However, three things will make a big difference to your website’s effectiveness and they aren’t necessarily about the visual aspect.

1. Responsive design

You may have heard the term, but do you know what it means? Simply put, a responsive website is specifically designed look equally good on a desktop, tablet and on mobile phone screens. These days more than 50% of web visitors are coming from mobile phones, so your website must work well on small screen devices which can vary considerably in size and resolution. The viewer (prospective customer) should be able to easily read the text without needing to pinch-zoom and they shouldn’t need to scroll horizontally at all to see your content.

2. Having a call to action (CTA)

What do you want your visitor to do when they visit your website, or when they read a particular page? Contact you for more information, sign up for a newsletter, make an appointment or purchase a product? The CTA should be obvious on the page, visually and with appropriate text. There should only be one CTA per page.

3. A simple focus for each page

It can be tempting to squeeze as much info as possible on to every page but this is a mistake. Remember, this isn’t your memoir but a resource to drive sales and to build rapport with your audience. It’s essential to have a clear purpose on your pages so that your visitors are engaged and spend more time on your site, especially on….

The About Us page

Most people have one of these but don’t really know why, except that everyone else has one too. Let’s think about it though. Why would anyone (apart from your mother) read this page? Visitors to this page want to know if they trust you and want to do business with you. They are trying to find out if they like you. They are also looking to see if they have something in common with you. So, your About Us page is all about building trust with the viewer. It needs to be written and designed with this purpose in mind.

The Contact Us page

This is pretty straightforward, right? Well, it should be. Amazingly, some websites seem to make it really hard for people to contact you. Instead your website has to remove any barriers and make it easy to contact you. Consider strongly what you really need from the contact form. Obviously you want to be able to contact the person back but at the first point of contact you don’t really need all their details. Completing your contact form shouldn’t feel like an interview with the tax office! Consider having a direct contact phone number clearly listed for potential customers who prefer more personal contact.

The Oddball Difference

Seemingly small things can make a big difference in website design. Oddball Marketing doesn’t make cookie-cutter websites no matter the size. We design the structure and content of a site only after considering the purpose of each page and the key messages to promote. Our team offers you expert site development, design, copywriting, SEO/Adwords and social media marketing.

It’s a great combination that makes us a one of the Central Coasts leading website design businesses.

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