Google AdWords:

Get Leads on Demand

AdWords is one of the most significant marketing opportunities for a business. We put your business in front of customers who are looking for your exact product and service. This turns your lead generation into a tap you can turn on, off, even soak or spray mode.

The Oddball Approach

Google Certified Team

As a Certified Partner, we combine AdWords techniques with our own in-house marketing strategies. It's why our campaigns get better results. We don't waste money testing lots of keywords – we understand the buyer journey and target the keywords that deliver results.

Track & Tune Everything

From Impressions to Clicks to Conversions – we track everything. This allows us to continually refine your campaign and produce the best results. AdWords is like driving a race car: it's great to unleash hell on the track, but to win you must consistently fine tune your model.

Specialist Toolbox

Without giving away our secrets... we’ve developed a series of unique tools, templates and techniques to ensure your campaign secures the best possible reward. Our success stories speak for themselves.

Our strategy comes from complex research of keyword opportunities, the buyer journey, market trends and competitive analysis.


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