Retaining Customers with Proper Website Design

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The website has a January 22, 2014 article that discusses how badly-designed websites can be detrimental to business. Just as a physical store needs a captivating storefront to attract business, websites need to be professionally designed in order to entice visitors. The article helpfully notes several elements of bad Web design that should be avoided at all cost:

“Opinions vary about what good and bad web design looks like, but there are a few points that many seem to agree on. These include:

  1. not being mobile-friendly
  2. overuse of Flash animations
  3. pop-up windows
  4. music or video that plays automatically
  5. too much content, particularly when poorly organised
  6. inappropriate typography
  7. slow to load
  8. installation of malware
  9. too many ads
  10. poor visual contrast
  11. poor navigation aids
  12. irrelevant or self-indulgent content and overuse of stock photos.”

Web design needs to balance both informative and decorative content for a truly complete experience. Achieving this can be much more difficult than some would think, and not everyone will have the right skills in properly designing a website. Businesses that want to create a strong online presence should thus rely on marketing firms with proven track records, like Oddball Web Solutions, for website design in Central Coast.

It’s tempting to squeeze in as much content as possible into a single page, yet such a website won’t make for an appealing sight. Good designers know exactly how to style a particular page and leave just the right amount of information and graphical elements on each page. For proper Central Coast Website Design, companies might want to hire professional designers who have the skills, experience, and know how in creating sites that are both attractive and highly functional.

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