Why Google Ads still Works Wonders during a Crisis

You’re probably sick of hearing from everyone that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the most difficult challenges most businesses will ever face. These are unprecedented times. These are uncertain times. While we’re all overwhelmingly aware this is a time for crisis marketing, this is also a fascinating time when it comes to our ability to adapt as humans.

As the international situation continues to evolve, many advertisers have been left scrambling to figure out how to adjust their business and marketing tactics to this new kind of new normal.

While your natural instinct may be to view paid Google Ads as an unnecessary expense, we are here to tell you that Google Ads is actually one of the most significant marketing opportunities for a business right now. So if you’re reading this, you’re onto a good thing…

What is Google Ads (AdWords)?

Let’s start with the basics. Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program (formerly known as AdWords, which it is still often referred to). This program allows you to create online ads (text based) to reach audiences that are interested specifically in the products and services you offer. The Google Ads platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising i.e. you have to pay every time a visitor clicks your ad.

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Why should I use Google Ads?

There are so many advertising mediums and methods available out there. With so much choice, it can be extremely hard to determine which one is a good fit for your business. Google is the world’s preferred search engine, and most of us use it on a daily basis, so there is a great element of trust and familiarity already there. The problem is that many businesses have some idea of what Google Ads is, and that they should be making the most of it, but why? We could name you a hundred reasons, but as you’re probably quite busy, here’s the top benefits a business should start using Google Ads immediately...

Google is the World’s No.1 Search Platform

Google is more than just a brand name – it has evolved to become an everyday verb. When people have a question that needs answering, their first thought is now something along the lines of, “I’ll google it“.

The Google search engine attracts 5 billion searches a day.

Among those are people who are looking for solutions to problems that can be fulfilled by your business.

Due to social distancing rules, the public (or your audience), have currently lost the ability to interact with your brand outside their home. Your business therefore needs to be fluid and shift to appear where your customers are right now. And they are online, and they are searching for things!

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Google Ads allows Pinpoint Targeting

While there might be an obscene amount of searches performed on Google every day, not all searches will be relevant to your business. Google’s Ad network allows flexible targeting to ensure your ad only reaches out to those who need your goods or services.

Google Ads targeting includes:

  • Keywords or Search Terms
    This dictates the search queries users must enter into the platform in order for your ad to show.
  • Location
    Allows you to target, or exclude, your ad from showing in particular geographic regions.
  • Demographics
    Age, gender, parental status and household income level.
  • Device Type
    Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, TV.

When Google Ads are set up and established correctly, this form of online advertising can ensure your business is targeting the right people, in the right place at the right time. That is one of the best ways to use your marketing spend during a global crisis where every cent counts!

Google Ads helps you Harness the Intent of Users

Unlike the customers who you regularly reach through mainstream forms of advertising, the Google Ads network allows you insight into the intent of users. By seeing what people are searching for, you know what stage of the buying journey they have reached.

For example, on social media people are not looking for solutions to the everyday problems plaguing them. They are looking at cat videos, at conspiracy theories shared by a distant relative, or looking back on nostalgic photos back when they had a mullet. Perhaps many of them are now scanning through old social posts reminiscing about pre-coronavirus times. These kind of searchers are not looking to be advertised to. Any paid ads served to this profile of person risk interrupting their unique browsing experience.

However, on the search network, you’re not advertising to people who don’t want to be advertised to. You’re advertising to people who are actively looking for something specific – and when your ad appears, it helps speed up the process of finding a solution.

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Maintain control of your Campaigns and Budget

With Google Ads, you have total control over the budget of your campaigns. You can control everything from the maximum price you are willing to pay for a “click” (or enquiry), to how much you are willing to spend per day, or month, on your advertising campaign.

The best feature of Google Ads? They can be changed at any time.

When your ad is performing extremely well, you can increase the ad spend on it to maximise the desired results. The reverse is also true – you can actively decrease ad spend on an underperforming ad that’s not quite hitting the mark. You even have the option of stopping an ad instantly before losing another cent.

Google Ads is quicker than trying to Rank #1 on Google

We are not suggesting you should ignore putting marketing efforts into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is the trusted, natural way to grow your search ranking through content. Google Ads allows for you to start appearing at the top of the search results almost instantly, however, we do strongly advise that you think long term too. In addition to the speed of Google Ads results, paid ads attract 41% of all clicks on a search results page (on average).

Google Ads easily tracks Return on Investment

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, the Google Ads platform allows for the precise tracking and measurement of every cent spent on your campaign. This is great, as it allows you to determine your Return on Investment (ROI).

Measurement metrics available to you include:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Average CPC and costs
  • Keywords selected
  • Demographics
  • Devices
  • Locations
  • Days and hours

These metrics help understand every desired action from your campaign, allowing you to track back to source every:

  • Online purchase
  • Phone call
  • Form submission
  • Email reply

This empowers you to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of any Google Ads campaign you run. Most importantly though, it helps you to make informed decisions about future investments in your advertising spend.

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If you were initially wondering “Why should I use Google Ads during a pandemic?” – we hope you are now asking “How do I start using Google Ads today?”

Time and time again we hear of poor experiences and money thrown away by both stubborn businesses and existing clients who have opted to run their own Google AdWords campaign. Not only has Google has made it super easy for anyone with the time to set up a campaign, but they’ve made it easy to spend money. This results in business owners and inexperienced marketers running ineffective campaigns that could be massively improved with a smaller budget!

If you are interested in getting a Search Marketing Specialist’s opinion on Google Ads in your business, we recommend you enlist the help of a professionally qualified Google Ads Agency (like Oddball!). The entire point of this style of advertising is to cleverly maximise results for less marketing spend.

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