Case study: constructed a premium website for a bespoke home builder

A key consideration when building a website is making sure it reflects your brand identity. 

This can be done with logos and content, but sometimes you need to think at an even higher level.

We recently constructed a premium website for a home builder client, and it quickly became clear that their website’s architecture, elegance and style needed to be just as impressive and intricate as the homes that they build. 

Sanctuary New Homes 

Sanctuary New Homes create custom home builds for customers spending within the $500K – $1.2 Million range. Their customers are predominantly over 30 years old, with many retirees and holiday homemakers looking to build their dream houses.  

Due to the personalised designs of their builds, their focus is on quality over quantity. This means they usually build a dozen homes per year, in stunning locations around the Central Coast. 

The objective

Over time, Sanctuary New Homes’ target demographic has changed. They are now looking to attract a more affluent, discerning clientele and needed a new website to communicate their brand position. 

In particular, they needed a website that was more modern and visually appealing than their old one. They also wanted to optimise their site for search and provide a more coherent user experience (UX). 

The process

Both Website Project Manager Jared Keens and Creative Director Keiran Hartley agreed that Sanctuary was an opportunity to really showcase their technical prowess in a unique and compelling way.

“We knew the site needed to be bold. The higher the cost of a service or product, the grander the display – and there aren’t many products more expensive than building a house.” Jared said. 

The web team wanted to create an architecturally and visually stunning website, because they knew that to sell premium homes, Sanctuary needed to put their best foot forward with a premium website. 

The new Sanctuary website strikes the perfect balance between technical complexity and aesthetic excellence. It features four custom post types, each with a unique dynamic content and relationship link, to create an interconnected website. 

“This makes user navigation intuitive and seamless, while also providing a visual feast of elements that move as the user scrolls.” Keiran said.  

For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Jared knew that home builders would likely be searching for estates and neighbourhoods where they could build their home. To direct these people to Sanctuary, he created a library of estate pages, which will help rank Sanctuary in location-based search results.

These pages are a perfect example of good SEO. While they do help Sanctuary’s website ranking, they are also functional and add value for website visitors, who may just find the perfect location for their dream build. 

The outcome

The client loved their new website, saying “Thanks again so much it looks great.” They were also happy with how smoothly the process went, “A big thank you to the whole team for a seamless transfer to our new website.”

Overall, everyone who was involved in the project was thrilled with the result. Sanctuary got an impressive website that suited their new brand identity, while the Oddball team got to put their technical skills to the test with a positive outcome.

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