5 Questions Central Coast Businesses Should Ask Before Marketing On Social Media

Ever wondered how you can use social media marketing to target your ideal customer, right here on the Central Coast?

You know, find that potential customer on Facebook interested in your product, service or industry, in a particular age bracket, specific location and even a particular gender. All too many times we have heard our clients say “I don’t know what I’m doing with Social Media. I know I need to use social media marketing, I just don’t know how.”

We’ve saved you some stress and time by compiling a selection of our key questions to uncover the best strategy for your social media marketing. We can’t give you all of our secrets, so you may have to contact us later for the ultimate silver bullet for your business. ????

So the questions.. That’s what you’re here for… right?

Do you have a social media presence?

We know it sounds like the most obvious of questions, but you’d be surprised. A social media presence doesn’t simply mean you’ve built a page and posted once over 12 months ago, or even twice in the last month. There’s more to it than that. At a minimum, you should be posting 5 times per week, per channel and with purpose.

Not only should you be posting regularly, but there should be ongoing engagement from your fans. You know the warm fuzzy feeling you get from likes, comments and shares.

Do you have more than 200 Likes, Followers or Fans?

Quite often the first couple of hundred fans is your close friends and family. They’ve done you the favour of ‘sharing the love’ and on the surface looks like your page is showing growth, but deep down we know you need a real growth strategy. A Facebook Likes Campaign, or utilising and Instagram Influencer to help reach new audiences could be a potential solution.

What’s your content plan?

Have you thought about what type of images, videos and messaging you are going to use, and what content is right for which day? Have you built a repository of your own content that you can schedule a month in advance? Not to mention finding a selection of online resources you can call on at any time when you forget to create your next viral Instagram post.

Do you know how powerful social media ads can be? And do you have a plan for running these ads?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who ‘boosted a post’ because Facebook told you it was easy, only to later discover you just targeted everyone Australia wide who is 18-65, instead of your ideal target market of women on the Central Coast, aged between 18-25, interested in Gyms, Yoga and Acai Bowls (You’re welcome for the easy tips Health and Fitness clubs).

We always love this part of the conversation, because it’s generally the light bulb moment for those small business owners and marketing managers. Their face lights up, and we together realise their hard-earned dollars could be much better spent, to reach the right customers.

ROI, ROI, ROI, do you know what it is?

Last but certainly not least, and much to the disbelief of many, we as ‘social media marketers’ don’t just “play on Facebook and Instagram all day”. A key part of small business marketing is ensuring we measure your return on investment, making sure the money you spend on social media returns more than just a few likes and comments from your mum…god love her. After all, we pride ourselves on being the Central Coast’s ‘Results Based Marketing Agency’.

So our questions here, are all about identifying how customers transact with your business from enquiry to sale and ensuring we are capturing these as ‘Goals’ or ‘Conversions’. Whether it’s a phone call, a message to your Facebook page, purchase on your e-commerce website or submission through an online enquiry form, we want to know what happened, and how we can help improve this.

We know there are loads more we could discuss here, but we need to get back to ‘playing on social media’. ????

We hope this has helped, but if you feel like there’s a few key strategies or gaps in your social media marketing plan, an Oddball Marketing Discovery Session is the first step.

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