Marketing Strategy

Planning is Everything

“Planning is everything, the plan is nothing.”

Like Dwight Eisenhower, we believe plans are overrated. Planning however is a different story: developing your marketing strategy is indispensable. To target the right customer at the right time with the right message, you need to plan.

Complex marketing plans gather dust. A Marketing Playbook gets you ahead.

We know the most effective strategy is a Marketing Playbook. It gives you clear direction and actions. It gives you guidelines to work from. It also gives you the flexibility to respond to the changing marketplace.

Just like a great sports team executing a ‘play’, your business will continually execute ‘plays’ that lead you to victory.

The complexity of business is more than a simple game. There’s more than one objective. You are on a larger playing field. You’re battling against more than one team.

It’s not as complicated as it seems. Your Marketing Playbook will be a constant reference guide to keep you ahead.


What's in your Marketing Game Plan?

Benefits of Marketing with Oddball

Proven Expertise

The average experience of our team is around 15 years specialising in marketing. With Oddball, you gain access to trained marketers who know how to get results.

Your Specialist Team

With experts in each marketing channel, we provide a broad range of skills across the marketing landscape.

Actionable Strategies

We've all noticed that folder on the shelf containing the 'Marketing Strategy'. No one ever opens it. Our framework is: clear, concise, flexible, and usable.


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