Nurses Now, a nurse recruitment agency, engaged our services to increase their applications and grow their agency. Oddball Marketing was able to deliver excellent results for the client in multiple areas. 

The first stage involved a branding refresh and website redevelopment. These changes were among the first actions taken, and were critical to help ensure the overall success of the ongoing marketing campaigns.

The branding refresh allowed Nurses Now to better position themselves in the marketplace and create a more distinct and recognizable image for their business. The website redevelopment involved a complete overhaul of the design and user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate and find the information they need. The new website also had a greater focus on user engagement and conversion, making it more effective for lead generation.

By refreshing the brand and improving the website, Nurses Now was able to better represent themselves in the marketplace and create a more compelling online presence that would attract potential job applicants.

As a part of ongoing marketing, Oddball provided services in Google Ads, SEO, paid social ads, EDMs, and blog content writing.

In 2022 for Google Ads, the campaign delivered 1325 applications at a cost per application of $40, which was significantly lower than what they previously paid for each seek application (around $180). All conversions totaled 1754 at a cost per conversion of $30.72.

In terms of SEO for the year, there was a 56% increase in organic users and a 78% increase in organic sessions, which greatly improved Nurses Now’s online visibility. In content writing, Oddball Marketing produced 24 blogs that acquired 7491 users, representing a 229% increase from the previous year.

The EDM campaign was also a success, resulting in a 242% increase in website sessions from users clicking through from an email. On social media (with only six months of data available), the campaign generated 9100 link clicks and 58 applications at a cost per acquisition of $100.

Thanks to Oddball Marketing’s expertise, Nurses Now was able to significantly increase their applications, their online presence, and their overall growth as a company, culminating in the company being acquired by a major national healthcare recruitment provider.

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