Little Miracles

Little Miracles partnered with Oddball Marketing to help generate more leads for their business. The team was able to deliver impressive results in 2022 for both Google Ads and SEO.

Google Ads generated significant conversions resulting in 10x the return on ad spend. Our Google Ads specialists built tailored campaigns for each of Little Miracles’ preschool centres which led to a sharp increase in conversion rate. This was a great result for Little Miracles and helped to drive significant business growth.

In terms of SEO, the Oddball Marketing team focused on optimising location pages for Little Miracles – both for the specific centres and for broader locations. This resulted in a 46% increase in organic users to these pages. With these additional users, centre enquiries increased 553%, which was a significant success for the campaign.

Thanks to Oddball Marketing’s expertise, Little Miracles was able to generate more leads and increase its online visibility, resulting in a successful lead generation campaign.

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