What’s the Big Deal about Copywriting?

Let’s start by facing a brutal truth… Writing isn’t writing. There is actually something to be said for copywriters. They have an uncanny ability to convert 26 letters of the alphabet into words that can move and inspire a reader to take action.

Copywriters know how to inject personality into your product and have a conversation with your clients. They know how to take your clients on an emotional journey through your products and services. You may know your business, but a copywriter knows how to talk about it.

When you’re slugging out your marketing budget or crunching the numbers for your fancy new website, you might be tempted to overlook the consideration of taking on a professional copywriter, but good copy has a direct effect on website conversions.

Here’s a few quick things to note about copywriters:

  • They know how to speak to your audience and how to inspire them – the use of language is an art form and copywriters are wizards with language
  • They take your desired outcome and write to achieve it – they are experts in persuasive text, delving their QWERTY fingers into the hearts and minds of your customers
  • They grab interest, inspire and convert calls to action – if you want your customers to click that all-important ‘Buy Now’ button, a good copywriter will inspire them
  • They help you develop your brand – they create a personality for your brand, whether it’s professional, casual, fun, informative, complex, exclusive, simple, friendly… they’re the creative types who make words on a web page speak with a voice
  • They make your images powerful – it’s one thing to have pretty pictures and a top notch website, but copywriters will add a dynamic edge using words that engage

Bottom line? A good copywriter is worth their weight in gold when it comes to writing content for your business.

Wait, what? Why?

‘Content Marketing’ is the buzz word for advertising and marketing. The Content Marketing Institute (yep, they’d be the experts) define it this way:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing just works. It’s less about sales-speak and more about engaging with your audience – your customers – in an intelligent and consistent conversation with the aim to change and enhance their behaviours that creates loyalty to your brand and business.

In the business community, it’s an essential element to increasing traffic online. It’s about linking and engaging across a number of platforms from social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) to a primary business site.

The reality is that content is what drives traffic to your site. If it’s not informative, if it’s not written well, if it’s not engaging – it’s simply not going to convert readership to a positive effect on your bottom line.

That said, it’s not just about your bottom line. You can create an interactive relationship with your existing and potential customers online with the right content if you can make what you say on your website and within your social media meaningful to your target audience.

That’s why blogs and social media platforms are so powerful – you can create a meaningful and engaging relationship with your customers talking about what you know and giving them information they want to know and want to engage with. They increase interactions between your business and your target audience and build your brand by distributing valuable content and increasing brand awareness.

So copywriters are like the little leprechaun geniuses who can work wonders with words across all platforms – from social media to web copy and blogs – If you have a message, a good copywriter will know how to convert that message to content that converts.

Contemplating your website copy?

Here’s some things to consider:

  • How does your copy sound?
    Ok, we get it. You’re passionate about your business. You know it inside out and back to front. Maybe in your day-to-day workplace you can sell ice to an Eskimo. Does that mean you can sit at your computer and write good copy for your website that really expresses your brand, product and/or service? Well… maybe, but even if you write it yourself, consider having it reviewed and edited by a professional copywriter.
  • What’s your time worth?
    How much time have you spent stressing in front of the computer trying to get that passionate and enthusiastic love of your product converted to words on a screen? How much more valuable could your time have been if it was spent actually growing your business? Compare that to the cost of employing a professional copywriter and you might be surprised that it just makes bottom line sense. Focus on what you’re good at, and let a copywriter do what they do best for you.
  • Do you need to make a great impression?
    Have you got something huge happening? Got an event coming up or a special launch or marketing campaign? You want to capitalise on it with punchy headlines and catchy content that bypasses fluff and really engages your readers and, most importantly, causes them to take an action.
  • Is your message really important to you?
    A good copywriter will work with you to ensure that the message you want to convey is the one that comes across, but in the best, clearest and most effective way possible.
  • How good are you at writing?
    Think about it. Are you confident in the nuances of the English language and grammatical rules? Believe it or not, readers can be turned off by grammatical and spelling errors and click away from your page, resulting in a real loss in potential business. You wouldn’t send a barista to brick a house, so why wouldn’t you engage a copywriter to write copy?

Here’s the thing… You might be in the business of selling mattresses. A good copywriter will persuade your customers they will get a good night’s sleep, not just a good mattress.

Don’t underestimate the value of a copywriter who is uniquely gifted in wordplay. Your business is worth the investment.

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