The Importance of Video to a Website

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There is an increasing demand for visual content like images, videos, infographics, etc. and people want more visual content than textual content. Although video content takes more skill, expertise and time to produce, they often provide far better results than textual content. This is why companies are now including more videos on their websites instead of long pieces of textual content. Attention spans are shortening and people do not have the patience to read a lot of text. However, companies should not place too many videos on their website as they do take longer to load and can make websites very slow on mobile devices.

Videos are interesting

There is no doubt that videos are much more visually appealing and hence more attention-grabbing. With the help of excellent graphics and scripts, you can make videos interesting and much more effective than textual content. Most people are put off when they visit a web page and see that they have to read a lot of text. A simple video on a web page can encourage customers to stay on your website and engage with your content.

Explain things with videos

Product description, services related information, technicalities, company history, etc. can often be long and complicated. Explaining such complicated things in text can be boring and can make the textual content very lengthy and difficult to understand. Instead, you should use videos to explain complicated topics. With videos, you can explain difficult to understand topics in a few minutes and with the help of humor and eye-catching graphics, you can make boring topics very interesting.

Product descriptions and demonstrations are best done with videos. Why explain the benefits of your product to customers when you can show them the benefits with the help of videos. You can also demonstrate the various functions and features of a product with the help of videos.

Videos are more shareworthy

Visual content like videos are much more shareworthy than textual content. This means that people would rather share videos on social networking sites and via emails with their friends than long blog posts and articles. Videos also have more potential of becoming viral. Imagine the kind of traffic your website will attract people share videos from your website on social media platforms. To make videos shareworthy, you need to make sure that they are not too lengthy and that they are interesting. Silliness and humor always work in videos.

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