The Benefits of Google Apps for Your Business

Why spend so much money on buying and installing Windows Enterprise tools when Google is offering a much cheaper and streamlined alternative. Many organizations – regardless of their size, use Google Apps to run their organizations. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Groups are just some of the applications that are part of the Google Apps for Business suite of applications. It used to be free for small businesses with a maximum of 10 users.

However, now any business must pay $5/month per user or opt to pay $50 annually to use Google Apps for Businesses. Google now offers round-the-clock support, more Gmail storage space, etc. for its Google Apps users. Google Apps for Business is still a great suite of applications for any company and here’s why:

Flexibility at work

With Google Apps, your employees can stay connected to the company and their work from anywhere. This means that employees can access their work, company emails, documents, websites, calendar, etc. from any device and from anywhere at any time. Even if employees do not come into work, they can still be productive from wherever they are. They can also access Google Apps from any Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices from any browser.

Data security

Most businesses are worried about data hosting and how much space they need to store all their data at data centres. Google Apps eliminates the need for companies to buy space to store all their data as the data is stored in the Google cloud. Google data centres are 99% reliable with no downtimes and all your company data is automatically backed up so you don’t have to worry about data loss at any time. The company also offers excellent security features ensuring that your data is yours only. You decide who can see the information and how to share the information.

IT budget

Google Apps can reduce the IT budget of your company by a large degree. You do not have to worry about your company’s IT infrastructure. Moreover, your employees will always have the latest and most secure applications with Google Apps. Your IT administrators do not have to worry about maintaining servers and databases as Google Apps takes care of everything. As using this suite of applications costs only $5 per month per user, your company can significantly reduce IT costs.

Work faster 

Google Apps aim to streamline daily business processes like scheduling, budgeting, etc. The suite of applications can do mundane and frequent tasks automatically. Moreover, they even offer valid and useful suggestions that can free up a lot of time to focus on other tasks.

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