Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing

How important is social media to your business? The answer is VERY!

Why? Well, like most of us, you probably check some form of social media multiple times a day – whether it’s your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

With an estimated 3.6 billion people utilising social media worldwide, this a great opportunity to work on the Branding and Awareness of your business through organic content, or strategic paid ad content.

The most effective component to social media marketing is that there is no limit to your ability to scale. Use it to target all stages of the marketing funnel or the buyer’s journey, who:

  1. Haven’t heard of your brand, but share the personality traits, pain-points and interests of your ideal customer
  2. Have shown interest in your brand via website visits, email databases or social media engagement, but haven’t converted yet.

As social media plays a major role in advertising campaigns, it is best to know how you can effectively apply it in your marketing efforts. In fact, it’s never been a better time to start – especially with our free social media guide below.

Social Media Marketing: What you need to do

At Oddball, before we dig into any kind of marketing campaign, we first refer to the basics – who, what, why and how. This rule especially applies for social media marketing.

Are you looking for website traffic, direct messages, store purchases, or new customers? To develop the right campaign strategy and messaging, dig into the psychology of your “ideal customer”.

Take time to consider:

1. Who is your target audience?

What are their interests (brands, activities, groups) and Behavioural attributes, psychographics and demographics (work, location, family status, parental status, marital status etc)? 

Targeting on social media can be effective. . . if done right. Through social media, you’re able to target your desired audience with various interests, behaviour based options, individual demographics and LOADS more.

For instance, you may have seen an advertisement on social media and thought “WOW… How did they know I needed that?” Revolutionary?! Not quite. Borderline Stalkerish? Maybe. But it’s actually just due to the marketers great targeting.

It’s important to take time and consider who your brand gives the ‘Eye’ to. First, identify your ideal target audience by conducting a thorough market analysis. This will determine which groups are most valuable, develop precise buyer personas and build a more specific marketing strategy for your business to employ.

defining your target audience

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2. What stage are they at in the Customer Buying Journey?

The buyer’s journey generally consists of the big ‘3’:

  • The Awareness Stage
  • The Consideration Stage
  • Lastly, the Decision Stage

Understanding where your audience is along the buyer’s journey is crucial to the success of your campaign. It’s what every prospect travels through before they convert. By tailoring your ads to target the precise stage your audience is, means you’ll have a larger opportunity of hitting them with the right message at the right time.

Buyers Journey Mind Map

3. How will I target my desired audience?

There are many ways you can target your audience, but understanding how each group moves through the buyers is crucial to understanding what messaging, platform and creative works best.

General social media targeting capabilities (Dependable on the platform) include:

  • Campaign Type – Traffic, brand awareness, dynamic ads, lead Gen etc
  • Interest Base, Job Status, Demographics and/ or behaviour-based Targeting – Users are targeted based on whether they fit the selected criteria above and must enter into the social media platform in order for your ad to show.
  • Location – Allows you to target, or exclude, your ad from showing in particular geographic regions.
  • Ad Placement – Determines where you want your ads to be shown on the social media platform.

red person standing out from crowd

4. How can your product or service assist your ideal customer?

The product or service that you chose to promote needs to offer value and also be relevant / match the pain points of your selected target audience. With a product or service in mind, it’s time to ask yourself the hard question: “Will my target audience enjoy, benefit and consume my product or service?”

5. What are they looking for on social media – inspiration, information or escapism?

This connects back to understanding your audience, knowing your audience is central to every marketing strategy.

Developing a strategy is simple:

  • Consider a few vital areas of interest
  • Track and observe your data and comments
  • Research your competitors
  • Ask your viewers directly what they want to see

6. Review. Learn. Optimise. Repeat

A great social media strategy evolves over time as you review performance and adapt over time. Facebook offers great insights which can be used to analyse performance, including:

  • What time in the day your audience is most active on their platform
  • Which location/state your page fans are logging in from
  • Age / Gender of your audience
  • + Heaps more

Action Checklist: Paid Social Media Essentials

◻ Identify your target customer(s) and complete research and analysis

◻ Decide on the product/service to promote

◻ Confirm your campaign objective, budget and timeline

◻ Identify your platform(s) – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok?

◻ Decide on the message you will deliver to your market

◻ Choose/create eye-catching creative images and/or videos to serve to your audience

◻ Set your clear Call To Action (based on overall campaign objective)

◻ Develop tracking, conversion and success metrics

◻ Launch your social media campaign

◻ Monitor. Review. Learn. Optimise. Repeat.

Ready to start with your social media strategy?

If it all seems too much or you just want it done for you, have a look at our social media service, our team are always happy to help.

Simply complete our contact form and we can discuss a tailored social media marketing strategy that works for you.

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