How to Know if Your Website is Converting

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Every company wants to build a good or successful website, but how can good or successful be defined for a website? How can a company measure how successful its website is so that they can make it even better? On the other hand, when a website is not working as expected, how can you know what’s wrong?

This is why websites need to have goals. Having website goals and metrics will give you the hard facts of your website and give you exact numbers. This can help you make important decisions about your whole online marketing campaign. You will also be able to improve your website to attract more web traffic and engagement.

How to set website goals

First and foremost, you need to decide what exactly you want to achieve from your website. Each goal will definitely have a metric associated with it and you need to list down all the metrics that you want to track. Set the targets for each of these metrics so that you can clearly define if your website is successful or not. More importantly, setting goals and tracking them can also help you make your case when you need approval as you can show numbers instead of vague measurements

As you are tracking these goals, you need to modify and tweak your website and online marketing campaigns to achieve the targets. Goals can also help web developers when they are making changes to the design of your website. Monitoring metrics and tracking goals continuously is a near impossible task. This is why you need to set a schedule for monitoring goals. Goal reviews should be done periodically.

Here are some common goals that work well for any website. Number of visitors, average time spent on the website, number of pages visited, etc. are goals set by almost every company. Other goals can be a portion of visitors filling out registration forms, percentage of visitors subscribing to the newsletter, the number of visitors returning to the website, etc.

Tracking goal conversions

Most people agree that Google Analytics is the best way to track goal conversions. You can set up any kind of goal you want using Google Analytics and its goals functionality feature. You can set the important pages of your website that are essential to goal tracking as goal pages with Google Analytics so that this tool can do all the tracking for you. Google Analytics makes it very easy for even amateur web developers and SEO professionals to understand and improve websites. It also makes the task of creating reports much easier too. You can get goal information mailed to your account in the form of reports periodically.

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