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An article by David Howell published on last November 15, 2013 detailed the importance of a growing asset in marketing:

One of the major issues with responsive design is that many businesses do not fully understand how the end user will access the content they are creating.

A beautiful design that is slow to load on a phone connected to the 3G network does nothing for the user experience and misses the point of responsive design entirely.

It’s important to assess every aspect of your site, from images to text, and think about how these elements will – or not – work together when viewed on a variety of different screens, devices, and internet access points.

An additional consideration that is often overlooked is how the content on the responsive website will be interacted with. Content that is built for a mouse pointer often fails to work as expected on a touch device. Think about site navigation, for instance, and if this can be used with a cursor and finger.

The article included a myriad of other details that exemplified the importance of high-quality website design for Central Coast businesses, among businesses in other parts of the world.

The Internet has become so big a medium that people are now using it to learn more about a product they are interested in before they even consider buying it. A sound website design will result in a client-friendly site; this, in turn, can result in even greater revenue.

There are different ways for a small business to optimize their website design; for one, they can utilize a streamlined layout that is easy on the eyes. It must also be friendly to smartphones, as was mentioned in the article. If the business relies on customization, the website should be as flexible as the service offered by the business. Heavy website-to-user interaction helps a lot too.

These visions of a dream website, however, will only be a dream to a businessman who has no idea how to implement effective SEO for Central Coast businesses. A businessman should not hesitate to approach a professional service who has the tools and the know-how to help his or her site reach the first page of any search engine.

A website is the company’s face on the Internet, so a good website is of great importance. Businesses interested in boosting their visibility online can contact reputable services like Oddball Web Solutions for more details.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Why responsive website design matters,, November 15, 2013)

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