Effective Website Design on the Central Coast

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When you’re looking to create an excellent website for your business, make sure that you hire reliable designers who can properly incorporate the principles of website design for Central Coast businesses. Web designers have varying techniques and personal styles, but the principles of effective website design remain the same whatever the industry or state. Here are some of the basics:


Don’t pour too much or too little information on your pages (especially your home page) to the point that your visitors have to think or do too much just to navigate through your site. Websites shouldn’t be a labyrinth, but rather a clear path that shows users where to go and how to get there. Complex pages and navigation systems aren’t only bothersome to your users, but they also make it less SEO-friendly.

Reduce Application Lengths

So your readers are hooked, and they want to try out the services for themselves – and just their luck, you are offering a free trial on your site! However, before they can get to where they want to go, they still have to patiently fill out pages upon pages of application or contact forms. If you are offering something for your users, make sure to keep the requirements to a minimum.

Generate Focus

According to Smashing Magazine, another benefit of a simple page is that you can help your reader focus on the important parts:

“Focusing users’ attention to specific areas of the site with a moderate use of visual elements can help your visitors to get from point A to point B without thinking of how it actually is supposed to be done. The less question marks visitors have, the better sense of orientation they have and the more trust they can develop towards the company the site represents. In other words: the less thinking needs to happen behind the scenes, the better is the user experience which is the aim of usability in the first place.”

Content Tips

When writing content for your site, make sure that you incorporate effective writing and layout techniques that should get your readers to read what’s offered on the page. For instance, if you need to have long lines or blocks of text, put in some images, as well as some highlighted or boldfaced words for variety so the reader doesn’t get weary over looking at the texts.

Many Central Coast Website Design specialists, such as Oddball Marketing, are set up to provide business websites with the right tools and knowledge to guarantee a professional-looking and effective website by making sure that your webpages are user-friendly and dynamic at the same time. Hire design companies who will help you, not only to catch your readers’ attention, but also to keep them as customers, as well.

(Source: 10 Principles Of Effective Web Design, Smashing Magazine)

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