Case Study: Designing A Nurturing Campaign For A Home Builder Client

Hunter Designer Homes is quickly establishing itself as fine crafters of exceptional homes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and the Greater Hunter Valley – and it’s a great marketing case study.

The owners have many years of business experience, and looked to Oddball Marketing to help them with improving their overall click-throughs to their website and total enquiries.

The home-building market is very competitive – they are up against some big-name builders in the same space, so it is tough from an organic point of view to attract new customers.

Their company is also in a unique position, because the average buyer journey can take 12-24 months before a potential client becomes a paying customer.

This required a very well thought-out nurture sequence for the business.

Case Study: The Hunter Designer Homes Nurture Sequence

Rather than sending potential buyers to their main website and making them navigate from there, Oddball built a landing page for their potential new customers.

On this landing page, we outlined some key aspects about the business, discussed the purchase journey, displayed a gallery, and provided three calls-to-action: phone call, contact form and brochure download.

From our initial research, we found people were more interested in finding out more about the company first, and receiving free resources to study, before making a call or submitting info into an online form.

The landing page helped us to refine the experience of a user, with downloadable content in the form of a Display Home walkthrough guide.

Oddball’s Retainer Services For Hunter Designer Homes

We also do SEO and Google Ads for Hunter Designer Homes, and, while they handle automations and blogs internally, we provide insight for them and guidance by way of keyword research and blog ideas.

SEO has involved quite a wide-ranging strategy. We have refined their site and built new pages in order to strengthen their search volume.

Some examples of pages we’ve helped build for them include:

  • House and land packages
  • Location pages
  • Knock down rebuild

“We’ve seen that our work over the past six months has really started to take effect as of about August,” said Oddball Marketing’s Search Marketing Specialist, Hamish Pearsall.

“In particular, the new pages we’ve built have had a really positive effect. Analytics data shows us that many users are navigating to these pages, which proves how important this content is to them. Whilst there’s still a bit to go to get these rankings even higher, we’ve made a marked improvement,” Pearsall said.

Some Key SEO Wins In The Process

Since November 2020 (11 months ago), compared to the previous 11 months (before joining Oddball), Hunter Designer Homes has seen an increase of 77% organic acquired users.

Where things have really ramped up though is from August onwards. Between August and October, compared to the previous 3-month period, goals have increased 55%. They also had an increase of 57% in users overall.

This is a great real-world example of SEO taking time. Results don’t always come immediately, and when you’re in a very competitive industry, you have to have patience and a long-term strategy.

Hunter Designer Homes: The Client Journey

Owners Marcus and Ariel have been in business for 25 years and were drawn to Oddball Marketing because they knew and trusted owners Mike Sandys and Cathy Boyd.

“Oddball very much understands the space of digital marketing,” Ariel said.

“The team is super professional and friendly. We’re used to it, and it’s what we expect from an agency, but you can’t pay people to be happy.

“They’re a happy team, and the vibe feels good.”

Marcus said they like how the numbers are explained to them in detail, and how there is a plan in place for next month and the next two months.

“Overall, we’re seeing a good lift,” Marcus said. “We’re getting more enquiries.”

He said the competitiveness of the industry means they have to work smarter as a business to attract new customers.

The couple has been dealing with manufacturing supply issues – much like everyone in the home-building industry at the moment – and these shortages have led to increasing prices, for steel and timber particularly.

They are looking to redesign their home designs page soon, and credit Oddball Marketing for being fast to respond to questions and being proactive with offering fresh ideas.

“We already knew and understood a lot of what Oddball explained during the discovery session, about the buyer’s journey,” Ariel said. “But I would imagine that would be super helpful to people in the process of starting a business.”

Since refining their strategy and editing the brochure download package, they believe the nurturing sequence they planned with Oddball is now more aligned with what their customers are looking for.

And with their ad campaign consistently performing well, Hunter Designer Homes can look to a bright future in the home building space.

If you’re looking for a designer home company you can trust, contact Hunter Designer Homes today

For more information on how Oddball Marketing can improve or transform your business, get in touch with us today.

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