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Stuart Stonestreet is the Manager of Worthington Motorcycles and drove the process with Oddball to achieve an effective website that properly positioned the different aspects of the business.


Worthington Motorcycles website and social media with Oddball

A Perfect Marriage

In 2001, Worthington Motors expanded with the adoption of the BMW Motorcycle dealership on the Central Coast. The Honda dealership came onboard in 2013. As it evolved, the business needed a new website that was easy to navigate and would represent Worthington, BMW and Honda as well as offering used bikes via an eCommerce capability.

Joining the Community

Motorbike riders and customers don’t want to wade through too much content (who does?). They usually know what they want and like to get straight to it. As a result, Oddball’s designer developed a simple page structure and navigation and a very clean, straightforward logo.Of course, just as important as promoting products and and services, Worthington wanted to establish itself as a key part of the Central Coast motorbike riding community, which is active and very visible.

Worthington Motorcycles social media and website for worthington motocycles

Successful Campaigns

The connections with major motorbike companies, BMW and Honda, provide a rich source of imagery and information which appears on the Worthington page through direct links. The used bike shops updates automatically via the back-end of the site. It’s all very easy to manage.

The Oddball Effect

Six months later, Stuart is very happy with the results – visitor numbers, quality of leads, online sales enquiries, test drive bookings, and a site that is professional, fast-loading and reliable. Not to mention increasingly popular ride days.


A key part of the site’s success to date has been Worthington Motorcycles’ ongoing commitment to driving traffic to the site through an innovative social media and digital marketing strategy with Oddball.

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The Oddball team did a fantastic job of building our new website from the ground up. It all happened much quicker than I expected and the end product was first class. I was so happy that we engaged the Oddball team to do additional digital Marketing & Social Media work. 

Stuart Stonestreet
General Manager
Worthington Motorcycles