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Universal Pest Control

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There are many pest control businesses operating in the Hunter Region but very few with the decades of experience and dedication of Tony Taylor and his team at Universal Pest Control. Tony has a strong local reputation for integrity, professionalism and effectiveness in residential, commercial and restaurant settings. Universal also provides excellent building inspection and pest report services to property buyers.


A Striking logo to demand attention

Universal came to Oddball seeking a direct mail campaign to raise awareness of it as a local expert in pest identification, eradication and pre-purchase property inspections.

Some clever marketing to Capture the imagination

With a series of eye-catching, playful DL leaflets, Newcastle residents knew exactly who to call to deal with this icky, inevitable part of life.

The privilege of developing Universal’s first website

We wanted to establish the business firmly in the minds of the rapidly expanding Hunter region market, reinforcing what people already knew about Universal and surprising them with its huge breadth of experience and knowledge.

The Oddball Effect

The site is visually stimulating, reminding people of the way pests generally make us feel, and creating a strong motivation to deal with the issue now, professionally, rather than waiting for things to get worse.

We created original content with a light-hearted tone to counteract the subject which is not all that lovely to read about.

One of the most visited pages is the About page which shares a real example of the way Universal approaches its work compared to the others.
The fun profiles of Universal’s three key contacts highlights the warmth and reliability of this well-established family business.

In the crowded Newcastle services marketplace, Universal Pest Control is building on its long-standing client base with a whole new online presence.

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Oddball definitely does things differently. They worked hard to really understand our business before they came back with design and structure concepts. They even visited me on-site to see us in action. The team recommended including plenty of relevant detail in the pages, as we educated the market about solar power installation and also to enhance SEO.  I’m now getting calls for niche jobs that I would never have received without that advice. Oddball is a fantastic company all round! Mike and the team have taken a really stressful side of my business away. They’ve increased my profile and have helped me get more enquiries and more jobs! Thanks lads!

Gavin O’Donnell
Managing Director, Redshift Electrical and Redshift Solar