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Tania’s Strictly Dancing is a well-established performing arts school located in Sydney’s Hills District, with three studios and a large team of teachers.

After 20 years of growth and outstanding success, it was time for a rebrand to project Tania’s professionalism and standing within the performing arts milieu, but retaining the sense of warmth and trust that exists among staff, students and their families.


Operating in a very crowded market, Tania’s needed its brand and website to distinguish it easily from the 30+ dance schools in its immediate area. The logo has achieved a high level of recognition in the community.Dance schools rely on personal referrals and the site offers helpful testimonial comments on every page, illustrating the many strengths of the school and its team.

The website not only establishes and reinforces the school’s credentials, it is an important reference site for Tania’s members.

The site needed to be available at all times and easily updated with class information, events, exam details and reviews, particularly as concerts, external events and exams approach.
Adding to the site’s engaging style, video and high-quality images affirm the school’s dynamism across extensive dance genres.A strong call-to-action encourages online enrolment for easy use by site visitors.

The Oddball Effect

Two years since launch, the site has been a huge success among Tania’s thousands of contacts and members.

Steady enrolments through the site demonstrate its continued relevance to prospective and returning students, families and staff who appreciate its consistent uptime and regularly refreshed content.

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