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Secret Garden Gay Weddings is a newly-launched boutique venue catering for same sex weddings, ceremonies, receptions, house-parties and weekends. Secret Garden is set on an idyllic Central Coast property that has been in the Blanch family for generations.Its website is an essential element of this new business, introducing prospective clients to the beauty, sophistication and peacefulness of this semi-rural setting.


Secret Garden is part of a long-term vision to see the property used as a place for celebration, retreat and love. With massive changes in social attitudes and legislation, weddings are no longer just a dream for same sex couples.

More than just a wedding venue website, the Secret Garden site promotes customisable packages and the benefit of personal connections with trusted suppliers from the local area. Quality food and beverage catering and supply, camping facilities, marquees, party equipment, photography and entertainment all work to turn a venue into an experience.

Ty Blanch, Secret Garden's founder, came to Oddball Marketing based on a professional referral and enjoyed working with our creative director to articulate his vision for the Secret Garden.The logo is a beautiful combination of ornate fretwork and the image of a keyhole, signifying entry to the garden and the opening up of a whole new world.

The Oddball Effect

With an eye to spring 2018 and many gay weddings being organised quickly, the website has launched at exactly the right time. As the key vehicle for enquiries, the website offers easy ways to arrange site visits, customise a package that suits each separate wedding couple and ask the thousands of questions that come with wedding planning.

Personal testimonials and imagery will be welcome additions to the easy-to-update site as the Secret Garden grows in popularity.

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