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Gosford Classic Car Museum (GCCM) opened its doors in May 2016 and quickly became one of the must-visit destinations on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. Its catalogue of more than 450 classic cars and motorbikes immediately placed it within the largest motoring museums in the world.



Within a year of opening, it was clear that the museum’s first website just wasn’t delivering results to meet the success of the business.The Oddball team worked with Owner, Tony Denny, and Marketing Manager, Kim Bradley, to articulate the atmosphere of the museum, the breadth of the collection and the quality of the vehicles on show, many of which have never before been seen in Australia.


With the expansion of the museum merchandise outlet and the huge online demand, GCCM also needed to establish a robust eCommerce store. Many of the online store’s customers may never visit the museum, so the eCommerce website has a distinct identity of its own.It’s all about images not words…

The Oddball Effect

Just as the Museum is always evolving and updating its catalogue, the website is a dynamic part of its appeal.

Drawing tourists and car enthusiasts to the Gosford area by the thousands, the Museum has quickly become a local treasure. The reach of its hard-working websites with associated online marketing opportunities are limitless.  It is a great privilege for Oddball Marketing to be involved with strategy and support for this exciting venture. 


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“Gosford Classic Car Museum has worked with the team at Oddball Marketing for some time now and we are thrilled with the professional service and prompt, reliable staff. I am not only impressed by their commitment to delivering quality work within the due dates, but consistently impressed with the clear and open communication provided throughout the process. Highly recommended.”

Kim Bradley,
Marketing Manager,
Gosford Classic Car Museum