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Central Coast Football (CCF) is a well-established organisation that needed the support of a robust website as it promotes and coordinates football on the Central Coast. CCF deals with 23 clubs and 13,800 affiliated players of all ages, administering approximately 650 games of football each weekend. Previous websites had let the team down!


When your website gets moderate traffic throughout the week, and then a spike of thousands of visits  (Friday night / Saturday morning) you need a site that is robust, fast and secure, with maximum uptime.

Picture over 12,000 families, looking at the miserable weather, and checking the website to see if their game is still on. 

In the past, CCF was inundated with phone calls, texts and messages on wet weekends from people frustrated by a website that couldn’t cope. When CCF came to see Oddball, their number one priority was uptime, all the time, no matter what. 


Football schedules for Central Coast Football clubs

We like what you've done...

The decision-makers at Central Coast Football were impressed with the site we had produced for Central Coast Academy of Sport

Automated & Updated

Apart from site availability, the CCF site had to be easy to update with the latest news and information. Unlike most sports websites which are crowded with tiny details, the CCF site features high quality images and easy navigation with clear sections for competitions, players, coaches, referees and clubs. As a result, CCF has developed a strong Instagram presence which resonates with its youthful audience.

The Oddball Effect

With website training provided by Oddball, Central Coast Football has been committed to keeping the site fresh with relevant, current content.

As a result, it has been embraced by the significant football community, players and clubs. Oddball is thrilled to have partnered with CCF on this project, and continues to provide website hosting and management services on an ongoing basis.

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