What to Expect from an Oddball Discovery Session


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As the old saying goes, ‘Start as you mean to go on’. So for Oddball Marketing it makes sense to start by sitting down and talking with you – because being in regular contact with the companies we work with is very important to us.  The first step on our journey with new clients is a complimentary Discovery Session,  either at our place or yours.  
No flowers required

A discovery session is a lot like a first date (though without the self-consciousness, nerves, raw emotion or mixed messages). Still, the same things are at stake.

Do we ‘get’ each other? Are we comfortable with each other?

With similar business values and priorities? Will we take this further?

Time well spent

The Discovery Session takes about an hour and you don’t have to dress up. It’s painless. And even if it doesn’t work out, everyone will have benefited from it.

It’s great practice to describe your business strategically in a friendly environment. And, thanks to the questions we ask, people leave the session with a clearer perspective.

Just enough information

At the Discovery Session we are really focused on listening to you, to understand your business right now and to see where you want to be in the future.  And to see where we can add value to your efforts.

Yes Oddball Marketing has specialist marketing, design,

technical and copywriting expertise –  but let’s talk about you.  

Do we want the same things?

Like first dates, some business meetings go well but just don’t lead anywhere. Perhaps the timing just isn’t right. It’s great to know that from the first meeting.

We hope you call

If it’s a good match, we’ll wait for your call. We’ll touch base with you if we haven’t heard from you after about a week. We like to stay close to our clients and we’ll arrange the second meeting. An exciting partnership has begun and we can’t wait to see where it leads.
Book in now for a Discovery Session. Oh and just be yourself!

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