5 Ways to Make your Logo Design Unforgettable

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Great logo design is a favourite subject for Keiran Hartley, Oddball’s design guru. Here he shares his wisdom and experience.

Keep it simple

The best logos in the world are simple. The audience responds to them, subconsciously, within a second. That’s it – the first impression.

Are you trustworthy, capable, professional and genuine? Your brand will tell them. So an overly-complicated and unfocused logo design will just confuse people and work against you.

Clients and designers sometimes make the mistake of adding design features just because we can. It’s the old style over substance discussion.

Remember: simple is best. Beware of gloss, movement, too many colours and fonts and mixed messages. 

Invest in quality

To distil a message into a single image takes real skill.

It’s pretty easy to create a busy, unfocused logo containing all the bells and whistles. Yet, what looks exciting now might actually be an ongoing headache – can you print it, can you resize it, can you adapt it?

We all know of online services where $50 will get you a logo. It’s tempting – especially when you’re pushed for time. Let me assure you: for that price you’re getting clip art, standard elements and no design at all.

Your business is worth much more than that.

Remember: a well-crafted brand is an excellent investment that will pay for itself very quickly.

Logo designs that have stood the test of time
Even without seeing the whole logo these are instantly recognisable

Take your blinkers off

We work with people who love their business and want it to grow.

Sometimes passion puts you too close to the subject of your brand, making it hard to step back and see things from other perspectives.

We may want to tweak or extend your vision or to evolve it to a new concept. You can trust us to talk with you throughout this important process.

Remember:  be flexible because a logo has to work well across all the platforms it will sit on – website, social media, signage, business cards, stationery, brochures, packaging, etc.

Make two lists

When you buy a new car, you generally have two lists: essentials (number of seats) and nice-to-haves (heated side mirrors).

Do the same with a logo design. Some features of your logo are non-negotiable and some are not essential.

When we first talk about a new logo we often need to spend time sifting your priorities and working out which things are indispensable and which things are ‘fluff’.

Remember: If you’ve already started this thought process, we can get down to work much more quickly.

Ask questions

Look at other logos we’ve designed and asked how the process went. What were the key decisions that resulted in the end product? Check out this infographic for some more ideas.

Take a critical look at the logos of other businesses in your industry – what works and what doesn’t?

Meanwhile do a Google search on ‘logos that don’t work’ and have a chuckle at some of the classic mistakes, while resolving not to repeat them!

Fortunately, Oddball’s experience in developing logo designs for businesses of all kinds will help to avoid pitfalls.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s create!

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