The 3 Little Things that Make a Big Difference to Website Design

Website design is a subjective thing most of the time. It’s like art in that what one person likes, the next person will hate. There are, however, 3 things with website design that make a big difference to your website, and they aren’t necessarily about the visual aspect.

1. Responsive design.

You may have heard that term when in talks with web designers or possibly seen it mentioned on the internet. But what does it mean? Responsive website design means that your website will look equally good on a desktop, tablet and on mobile phone screens. These days our stats show that at least 50% of visitors to websites are coming from mobile phones. So this means that your website must look good on small screen devices. Not only that, there are multiple screen sizes to cater for even through the different versions of iPhones and your website should look good on all of them. When I say it should look good, I mean that the viewer should be able to easily read the text without needing to pinch-zoom and they shouldn’t need to scroll horizontally at all to see your content.

2. Having a call to action.

Also known as a CTA this looks at what you want the viewer to do when they visit your website, or what you want them to do on a particular page. Examples of CTA include contacting for more information, signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. The CTA should be obvious on the page, both visually by having a big and contrasting button, and also by using appropriate text. Finally, there should only be one CTA per page.

3. A simple focus for each page.

This is one that is often overlooked but can really improve your website design and give you a clearer understanding of the purpose of each page. As an example let’s have a look at some of the common pages you will find on majority of websites.

The About Us page

What is it’s purpose? Most people have one of these but don’t really know why, except that everyone else has one so they should too. Let’s think about it though. Why would anyone read this page? They want to find out more about you. They are trying to find out if they can trust you and therefore do business with you. Essentially what they are trying to find out is if they like you. Things that will make them like you is finding out how much and what type of experience you have. From my experience they are also looking to see if they have something in common with you. So, your About Us page is all about building trust with the viewer.

The Contact Us page

This is pretty straight forward right? Right. The way you do it should take some consideration though. You should have as few obstructions as possible for allowing the viewer to contact you. Consider strongly which contact form fields should be compulsory to fill out. Obviously you want to be able to contact the person back but think about whether you really need their phone number, their full name or more personal details such as address. Also consider having a contact phone number listed on the page so that a direct phone call is also an option for the potential customer.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the little things that can make a big difference in website design. At Oddball marketing we think about what the purpose of each page is and we then design it accordingly. On top of that we have an awesome designer who makes your website look professional and appealing. It’s a great combination that makes us a one of the Central Coasts leading website design businesses.

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