Your Marketing Mentor

Your trusted Marketing Coach. We provide you with the guidance, tips, and strategies from the ‘trenches’ that we know deliver results. We start with a solid strategy and then dive deep into your business to identify its unrecognised potential.

How it Works

Our coaching service helps you hit a new personal best! Every month we work with you to improve your business marketing and ensure it’s delivering results. We review your current marketing performance, activity plan execution, and help you organise your upcoming activities.

Our diverse team will share their expertise with your business by reviewing all of your current marketing activities. Whether it’s branding, design, social media, SEO, copywriting, or your marketing strategy. Oddball ensures you are getting the most relevant industry advice.

Key Benefits

Strategic Meetings

We’ll work with you each month by reviewing your current marketing performance, activity plan execution, and organise upcoming activities.

Templates & Worksheets

We’ll provide you with the necessary tools and documents to help you deliver each area of your marketing strategy with confidence.

Activity Calendar

Benefit from the foolproof system we use to monitor marketing performance. We set up and share our Marketing Activity Workbook. The very one we use to manage all our retainer clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if it can fit into our regular meetings, we can assist as part of our Coaching program. If you just need additional work and it’s more cost effective for us to complete it, we’ll organise it on a project-by-project basis, with additional costs. 

No. Oddball don’t do “lock in contracts”. Coaching is on a monthly, recurring cycle and can be cancelled at any time. But we’re confident you’ll be impressed by our work and will want to continue this good thing we’ve got going on.

No. There’s no minimum or maximum expectations. Just remember that marketing is a long term strategy and the positive work you do initially will continue to build upon previous work.

Yes. If you would like specific coaching in any marketing channel, such as Facebook, you’ll get coaching from our specific expert in that area. This training can be ongoing, or you can switch your coaching focus month to month.