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Let your brand tell your story

Like a livestock brand that identifies and protects important assets, your branding design strategy is a central part of your marketing plan.

The Oddball team strives to articulate your brand, delivering the design, images and words that will form its various expressions in print and online.

Your brand will stand up, look great, work hard and translate into any format.

The power of Oddball

I Wanna Hold your hand

Consumers, purchasing officers and governments buy based on emotion and then justify their purchase with logic. The more frequently they see your brand, the more powerful this emotional identification will be.With branding from Oddball your business will speak on many levels to the people you want to reach.

Trust Your Customers

Customers who trust your brand will trust you to back up your claims. Reward that trust and they'll follow you along the buyer journey. With innovative branding design, Oddball will help you to attract and keep these customers, turning them into your biggest fans.

You’ve Got Style

Customers choose brands they recognise. Consistency is essential and an Oddball style guide defines how your brand is to be used. It's an important communication tool for your business. It might mean some change but a commitment to consistency makes good business sense.

Expect world class skills

The Oddball Cocktail

The Oddball design cocktail is made with creativity, flair, purpose and emotion, mixed to a specific recipe for you. Blended to the perfect consistency.

Your Local ‘A-Team’

Oddball’s specialists work in house, building on their skills with ongoing training and enrichment, bringing you much more than simply a set of hired hands. Overseas providers and contractors have their place, but…

The Balance of Art & Science

Our design strategy is based on scientific research on the way consumers think, act and react. Oddball's hand-crafted designs are science-backed to deliver results.

Testing… Measuring… Testing…

Oddball has the experience to know what works, what doesn’t and why. Years of hard work, learning, adapting, testing and measuring outcomes - so we can deliver real results for you.

Just a few of our branding & logo designs

I really enjoyed the process of working with the team at Oddball as we defined the messages and values we wanted to promote for Taylored Foot Solutions. I love the brand and my customers do too.

Greg Taylor
Taylored Foot Solutions

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