COVID-19 Thrive Plan

Time to Thrive.

While others are focused on simply surviving, you’re looking at new opportunities. Suddenly, you're in high demand. You’re putting the ‘busy’ in business. Your product is perfect for the current climate! Now is your chance to leap ahead of the competition with smart, thoughtful marketing. Now is your time to thrive.

Every problem can present an opportunity.

Many industries are worried and retreating from the impact of COVID-19. But you see this as a chance for your business to help others with your product or service. You recognise the pandemic offers your business an odd yet exciting window to grow…

Is your business currently:

  • In a high-demand industry?
  • Working alongside competitors who are retreating or downsizing?
  • Supporting the changing lifestyle of customers?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above – now is the perfect time to make hay while the sun is shining!
Despite challenges on the horizon, we’re confident we can help your business begin, or continue, to turn a profit during COVID-19.

Find your feet. Navigate those waves.

We’ve already helped several clients adapt and grow during COVID-19. They’ve gathered enough sudden success in their industry that their name is no longer on the list of survivors – their business is officially thriving!

How do you effectively reach customers right now?

How do you grab people’s attention and successfully hold it?

How do you practically supply your products or services?

Start thriving, starting today


Understand You + Your Business

We get to know you and your business strengths. What’s picking up speed right now? It’s not just about your marketing, it’s how you deliver your service, frame your products, how you communicate with customers, and the immediate opportunities we can leverage.

To help your business, we run a robust checklist:


Develop a Thrive Action Plan

We work with you to develop a go to market strategy. We don’t get caught up in large ‘marketing plans’; what we want is clear direction, clear strategy and clear actions. To make the most of your opportunity to grow we need you to act now – and we need to act fast.

Your tailored Thrive Action Plan identifies:

Confident you can handle it from here? Ask us to:


“The Plan” is yours (we’re always here if you need the odd tip).


We guide you throughout delivery and check everything stays on track.

Work together

As your remote team, we collectively nail your Thrive Action Plan!


Action Stations

Let’s turn that mountain into a molehill! Climb closer toward thriving. We assign a personal Marketing Strategist to lead our team of experts in your business’ honour. These guys are the remote marketing professionals you need to come out on top in the current climate.

During and following COVID-19, our team will proactively:


Track and Grow

To continuously thrive, your marketing plan needs to be constantly evolving. Forming a successful marketing strategy requires the leader or marketing manager of your business to hold a solid overview of where you are, plus a clear idea of where you want to be.

To maximise the impact of your Thrive Action Plan across the next 6 months, we will:

Your window to grow.

Fighting to get businesses on the frontline of success is what we do best.

We’re committed to doing this for the foreseeable future. The list of clients we’ve helped power through the challenges of COVID-19 is growing. And so are their businesses! We want you to become a real-life example of this. Just ask us how and we’ll happily share.


Central Coast Dance School

Sudden, mandatory closures meant this dance school went from operating in 15 physical locations across the Central Coast, to appearing on hundreds of children’s computer screens at home. To support existing students and combat a flood of potential cancellations, they required urgent online video infrastructure.

To initially survive, we helped this dance school pivot (they should be pros at this!), by getting their interactive dance classes online in just two weeks. To thrive, we “doubled down” to attract customers nationwide and create new revenue streams.

We’re already witnessing nearly 80% retention of existing students with up to 100 new online enrolments from dancing families Australia-wide!

Pond & Water Feature Specialist 

During the nationwide lockdown and economic uncertainty, many trade services were anticipating a slow down of new projects. Especially niche services, like fish pond builders. Being forced to #stayathome can actually result in more opportunities, as people turn their focus to improving their own backyard.

The silver lining for many trade services is a great jump in the average customer’s time to ponder and pursue home improvements. Creating a mindful, garden oasis with a beautiful water feature is now an excellent use of time.

Our initial aim was to mitigate losses by no more than 30% – but we’ve increased client revenue by up to 20%! By moving marketing spend to boost brand awareness through content, this client had one of their biggest months of trade – EVER!

COVID-19 Thrive Plan

Transform a Problem into Opportunity.

Many unknowns are floating around right now, so our aim is to give you solid, actionable advice. Don’t press pause on your marketing efforts: reposition them. Enhance your brand. Double down your spend. Attract a new audience online. It may be uncertain what’s on the horizon, but we know the businesses currently surviving are just one call away from thriving.

We will not only help boost your brand and revenue during COVID-19, we’ll also build a long-term recovery plan for your business.

As a full-service marketing agency on the Central Coast, we’re specialists in:




Web Design




Graphic Design




Social Media


Email Marketing


Google Adwords

We can transform your website into an online shop. Produce a series of stunning e-newsletters. We can design clever flyers to drop in local letterboxes showcasing your new delivery options.

Surviving is just the start.
When someone asks “How’s business?” you can confidently reply, “Thriving”.

We’re in this together.


Step one starts here.

You’re not alone and you can flip surviving into thriving! Let’s create your Thrive Action Plan.

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