COVID-19 Survival Plan

Survival of the Smartest.

The list of small to medium businesses surviving the COVID-19 pandemic (some even thriving), is reserved for those making the right marketing decisions today. This is a chance to get your name on that list.

Staying afloat throughout COVID-19 is a case of pure survival.

Shed the excess. Stay active. Just tread water. But what does it actually look like to enter “survival mode”? How does it translate to your service or product?

As a Business Owner or Manager, ask yourself right now:

  1. Do I continue with business as usual and seek more customers? 
  2. Do I target new kinds of customers? 
  3. Do I change how we serve our customers?
  4. Do I pivot the business and focus on new, in-demand areas? 

That’s just four of the many ways we can help your business survive this international pandemic. Saying a simple “YES” to even one of them will kickstart change and help you see hope on the horizon.

And there is hope. Plenty of it.

We’ve already helped several clients pivot. They’ve gathered enough sudden success in their industry that their name is no longer on the list of survivors – their business is officially thriving!

How to get your Business on the Survival List


Understand You + Your Business

We check you out, head to toe. We get to know you and your business intimately online. Surviving isn’t just about reviewing your marketing activities, we look at how you deliver your service, talk to your customers, and how we can share your strengths during COVID-19.

To help your business, we run a robust checklist:


Develop a Survival Action Plan

We work with you to create a unique, market-ready strategy: your own Survival Action Plan. We might enhance your existing marketing. We may pivot your products and services. We can even evolve your customer journey to suit the restrictive circumstances.

Your tailored Survival Action Plan identifies:

Confident you can handle it from here? Ask us to:


“The Plan” is yours (we’re always here if you need the odd tip).


We guide you throughout delivery and check everything stays on track.

Work together

As your remote team, we collectively nail your Survival Action Plan!


Action Stations

Every plan needs action. To get things moving, we assign a personal Account Manager who leads our team of marketing experts in your honour. Go into battle with 10x skilled experts backing you up. These guys are the only arsenal you need to survive.

During and following COVID-19, our team will proactively:


Track and Evolve

No marketing plan is ever considered ‘done’.  It’s forever evolving. To form a successful marketing strategy, the leader of your business or marketing team must hold a solid overview of where you are, and where you want to be. 

Your tailored Survival Action Plan guarantees to:

Join the Survivors

Fighting to get businesses on the frontline of success is what we do best.

We’re committed to doing this for the foreseeable future. The list of businesses we’ve helped navigate the challenges of COVID-19 is growing. Want real-life examples in your own industry? Just ask and we’ll happily share. 


Sydney Restaurant Group

Before COVID-19 reached Australia, these guys ran three fully-staffed, exclusive dine-in Sydney restaurants with a limited online ordering system and delivery service.


Mandatory closures have left many restaurants, clubs and pubs with no footfall or income with overheads still to cover. To keep the doors open and revenue flowing, we helped a trio of restaurants adapt to offer contactless takeaway. They’re now getting 500+ delivery orders per week and even turning a profit.

Home Insulation Service

Trade services rely on person-to-person interaction for quoting and installation. Social distancing and household isolation measures have severely impacted the way tradespeople work.


With communities becoming home-based and the rise of unemployment, the demand for desirable but non-essential home improvements has dropped rapidly. We helped this client meet new demands and buying behaviours of potential customers, rather than losing them completely.

COVID-19 Survival Plan

Choose to pivot, not panic.

No one knows what’s on the horizon. That uncertainty can breed panic for anyone running a business, but it’s hard to panic with a plan. A solid plan designed by professional marketers who are all just a quick call away.

We will not only help you stay operational and maintain revenue during COVID-19, but we’ll also start to build a long-term recovery plan for your business.

As a full-service marketing agency on the Central Coast, we’re specialists in:




Web Design




Graphic Design




Social Media


Email Marketing


Google Adwords

We can transform your website into an online shop. Produce a series of stunning e-newsletters. We can design clever flyers to drop in local letterboxes showcasing your new delivery options.

You’re not alone and you can fight to stay trading. To survive!

We’re in this together.

COVID-19 Survival Plan

Step one starts here.

Your business can fight this crisis with the right marketing. Let's create your Survival Action Plan.

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