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Success Stories

Driving Leads for Airport Transfer Startup | Google Ads

This client, a small startup in a very big industry, learnt things the hard way by doing things themselves first. Once Oddball were contacted, we took the reins – and we got results.


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This client was a new startup in the private group transport industry (very competitive!). Their particular focus is on airport transfers and Hunter Valley wine tours for small groups.

*Due to the details we share in this case study, we’ve withheld our client’s name for privacy reasons.

Client Background

This client came to us having already invested heavily in two brand new vehicles to start the business. After our first interaction with the client, we quickly understood how crucial it was for them to start generating a significant volume of enquiries, as soon as possible, in order to make their startup venture a success.

The Problem

This client was already running their own Google Ads campaign, directing incoming traffic to their low-cost website, created through a local web developer. Although this wasn’t a major issue (you often get what you pay for), the real issue was that the web developer wasn’t properly briefed that the site they were building would be linked with an AdWords campaign.

Due due their inexperience with holistic marketing strategies, the client’s whole project wasn’t configured to get the best results.

Additionally, their campaign was set up without considering the type of keywords that would bring them the best result. Like many people we meet, they assumed the more keywords, the better. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The Oddball Approach

Keyword Identification

Our Adwords Specialist looked at all variations of keywords that described their service. We quickly identified the search terms they were ranking highly for were more competitive than others that had been missed. Those keywords also weren’t as profitable for them.

Configuring the Website

We helped this client restructure their existing website with customised pages designed to target keywords (increasing the Ad quality score). This involved our in-house Graphic Designer and Web Developer creating new pages plus modifying the existing layout.

Creating the Ads

Fresh Ads were written based on the needs of potential customers – not what the business thought was interesting (the often mistaken ‘internal outlook’). Just to be sure, we also wrote four different Ads for Google to use based on getting the best conversions (click throughs).

Measuring the Results

We set up phone call tracking software (simpler than it sounds!) to accurately attribute conversions to the Keywords and Ads that delivered the best results. This also allowed us to follow the path of enquiries and new leads produced as part of the campaign.

The Effect

  • 132x high-quality leads generated within the first 60 days of the campaign
  • Click Conversion Rate was an astonishing 27.27% – far above industry benchmarks!
  • Average Cost per Lead: $1.94
  • A very (very) happy client overall.