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First Aid Organisation Boosts Google Visibility by 524% | Keyword Ranking

Many clients approach us wanting to boost their search engine ranking position. This client knew of Google's power, but needed our expertise to get results that created profit, not loss.


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This client is a major Australian training organisation with specialised focus on First Aid Training. They operate across multiple locations with an audience reach stretching from Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and Wollongong.

*Due to the details we share in this case study, we’ve withheld our client’s name for privacy reasons.

Client Background

The client originally approached us to increase their enquiries and get “more bums on seats”. Their Social Media agency referred us in to see how we could complement their strategies. The client knew the power of Google for lead generation, but over the years they just couldn’t make it a successful part of their business strategy. Whether it was poor Google rankings or paying too much for AdWords – they were losing money each month.

Compounding the challenge was their website: it was powered by their booking system. This made the management of courses easy and bookings easy… but the system was severely lacking in flexibility around core SEO elements. We were unable to edit URL structures, tags, or even content on a page by page basis. It was difficult to manage any fresh content, which Google is very fond of.

The Goal

  • Achieve higher Google ranking through Search Engine Optimisation techniques

The Oddball Approach

Our initial approach was to develop an AdWords campaign that could deliver immediate results. We then got to work assessing their website and how their ranking was tracking against their ideal keywords. On the positive side, they already had some good backlinks out there, but their website itself was letting them down.

We actually recommended they split the website into 2 components:

  1. One website powered by their booking system to make it easy to manage attendees and course enrolment
  2. One website optimised for Google rankings and selling their courses

The Effect

The results couldn’t have been more astonishing. Within just three days of launching this client’s new site, we could see noticeable movements in Google rankings. Within two weeks the website had gone from a visibility of <5% to a visibility of 31.2%. 

What has been most impressive for this client is:

  • How many keywords they started ranking for (37)
  • How many became a Top 3 ranking (17)
  • The keywords they rank for have large search volumes (hence the quick visibility increase)

When we hit results like this, we can’t wait to create more success and leads for our client, as we continue to work on optimising their site.