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Double the Conversions for Family Lawyers | Targeting & ROI

We developed a highly effective Sydney lead generation campaign for this client, which consistently outperforms their previous agency's campaign. A great example of how Oddball deliver tangible results that you can witness for yourself – no smoke and mirrors.


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Sydney and Melbourne based Family Law Firm.

*Due to the details we share in this case study, we’ve withheld our client’s name for privacy reasons.

Client Background

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, this Firm are one of the largest teams of family law specialists and one of the fastest growing law firms in Australia. They operate exclusively in divorce, separation, property settlement and children’s matters.

The Problem

Having recently expanded into Sydney, the Firm enlisted a large Melbourne based partner to roll out a lead generation Google Ads campaign. After failing to see the desired results, Oddball Marketing was approached to audit the existing campaign and identify any opportunities for improvements in Cost/Conversion, Conversion Rate and Quality of Leads.

After highlighting a range of potential opportunities and approaches to take, Oddball Marketing was engaged to develop a Sydney based campaign targeting Family Law and Divorce Law related search terms.


  • Drive traffic to the client’s website
  • Generate high-quality conversions
  • Prompt phone calls to schedule in-person consultations.

The Oddball Approach

  • Develop multiple location and service based short form landing pages for mobile devices
  • Clone and localise existing website for desktop devices
  • Utilise narrow radius location targeting to create budget efficiencies and improve lead quality
  • Significantly improve negative keyword list (initially 5000+ keywords) to eliminate low quality or irrelevant clicks
  • Adjust bidding strategy to drop the average Ads position to elicit a more considered click
  • Set up Dynamic Phone Number Insertion and Call Tracking in order to better quantify high-quality phone call conversions.

The Oddball Effect

Oddball Marketing developed a highly effective Sydney lead generation campaign, which consistently outperformed the previous Agencies’ Sydney campaign, delivering a consistent flow of high-quality conversions and enquiries.

October 2018 Oddball Campaign Existing Campaign
Conversions 42 15
Conversion Rate 16.34% 8.52
Cost/Conversion $126.51 $196.75
Total Conversion Value $13,986 $4,995

Oddball Marketing demonstrated to this client our ability to deliver a high ROI on Google Ad spend. As a result, not only are we now managing their Sydney campaign, but the Law Firm has discontinued their previous provider and engaged Oddball Marketing to configure and manage their Melbourne Lead Generation campaign as well.