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Central Coast Car Dealership | Local Brand Presence

We love helping global brands overcome local challenges. This luxury client needed to add community flavour to their international reputation, create a digital presence and follow strict stylistic guidelines.


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This client represents an international luxury automotive brand who run their car dealership on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Client Background

This client is a family-owned and operated business who have strong ties with their local community. They run their car dealership on the Central Coast representing a global luxury automotive company, but facing local competition. Their localised brand needs to follow a wider marketing and branding strategy – complete with specific Brand Guidelines and Style Guide. Any promotional marketing campaigns or collateral produced for this client need to follow the overarching rules and styles outlined in their brand’s umbrella corporate strategy.

The Problem

The issue was launching a Central Coast-based version of a huge, international brand. Despite our client’s parent brand having a huge global presence, its local presence on the Coast was severely limited – they had no digital presence beyond a template website. They were missing out on great opportunities to grow their following across social media platforms such as Facebook, and were not making moves to boost web traffic through Google.

This client approached Oddball seeking a plan for implementing their local marketing strategy, which was largely focused on growing their online presence. Essentially, they wanted more eyeballs on their brand and more footfall at their dealership.

The Oddball Approach

We took a Targeted route.

We conducted behaviour analysis to understand what the ideal customer and persona would be for our client’s typical customer visiting their Central Coast dealership. The results revealed our client’s typical customer was a lover of luxury and first-class status. Think Bollinger. Opera. Business Class. Rolex. People who appreciated these kind of symbols of luxury were perfect for modelling our campaign around. We created a highly targeted Facebook campaign shaped around 4-5 customer groups including:

  • ‘Lookalike’ audience
  • Luxury Lovers
  • Competitor audiences
  • Web traffic

We adopted a Partnership Mentality.

We forged a new partnership for our client with a local luxury musical performance company who were also preparing to launch their brand on the Central Coast. As our client’s customers and theirs liked the finer things in life, we created a sponsored event to promote this natural alignment – and benefit everyone involved.

Oddball created the dual-brand launch by:

  • Syncing up marketing efforts with the local partner brand 
  • Designing a themed launch event showcasing the two luxury brands
  • Creating an email campaign for both brands to promote the event
  • Facilitating a stylish mailbox drop to encourage event guests 

We respected client Brand Guidelines.

To create printed collateral, we strictly followed the guidelines issued by our client’s overarching brand, but still found the necessary space for creative excellence. By adapting their guidelines, we advertised the same internationally renowned label but with a difference – adding local flair and promoting community connection.

The Effect

Through our locally targeted marketing plan, we contributed to our client’s success by generating:

  • Local awareness of their luxury brand – adapted for the Central Coast audience
  • 1x car sale from direct mail campaign – earning their marketing spend back in spades
  •  1,300+ Facebook Likes and growing – previously non-existent presence
  • Growth in digital presence and leads – Google, social media and tailored website
  • Large leap in unique eyeballs on client’s localised website

By combining the promotional efforts of two luxury brands and streamlining the digital side of things for our client, they experienced a notable growth in engagement – online and offline. Our localised campaign generated recognition of their car dealership within the community and produced a strategic partnership they may never have considered without Oddball at the helm.