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Success Stories

Brand Rollout for Property Investment Advisors

The team at Property Investment Advisors (PIA) approached us to create a cohesive business identity for their venture. As a new business, they needed to ensure their marketing and sales collateral positioned them as a quality, trustworthy and reputable business.


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Client Background

PIA approached us as a newly launched startup business with little brand identity, no marketing collateral, and no website. While these guys were great at their job, they needed extra help to bring the design elements and brand to life.

The Problem

Their initial branding was completed by an overseas provider. They didn’t supply the client with any of the graphic assets they would need to continuously use their logo or brand across marketing channels in the future.

This client also needed an expert team to guide them on their presentation documents, ensuring they were as professional and convincing as possible. PIA had already written the core content of this document, but we moulded the approach into a story that answered the key questions of potential customers.

The Approach

Over multiple sessions, we worked with Property Investment Advisors to define their brand, what services they provided customers, and ultimately how they could help their customers.

We delivered an intensive Solution Architecture Workshop to uncover what people (their audience) were thinking about, and concerned about. This research provided the backbone structure for their new website and the printed product & service guide our in-house graphic designer produced.

The Effect

Check out the suite of design images in this case study to see the full effect. We created a series of professional documents designed to be sent and presented to their future clients. Each branded document guides customers along a smooth journey to ultimately arrive at a decision to invest in PIA’s service. This approach underpins everything we do at Oddball.

The final design images speak for themselves, but behind the elegant design sits well-planned content. We specifically structured the content to appeal to the core reason why people are interested in property investment in the first place (we know what this is thanks to our extensive research).

Each professional PIA document breaks down the prospective customer’s decision motivators and how an investment in property through PIA can help them fulfil that dream.

If this sounds like the professional touch your business needs, let’s have a chat about how our team can help with branding and marketing collateral.