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Appliance Repairer Flooded by New Business | Google Adwords

We like to support the growth of local, small businesses. This client story is a perfect snapshot of how simply working with us can boost your business' success overall... And sometimes, overnight!


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Coastal Appliances are a local Central Coast & Lake Macquarie small business who provide household appliance repairs and servicing.

Client Background

Coastal Appliances approached Oddball with the aim of increasing the number and consistency of their leads. They wanted more business certainty and growth. We knew we needed to pursue extensive research of their market to find a practical solution for them.

The Problem

After our comprehensive review of this client’s existing website and marketing tactics, we identified that their website had some obvious flaws. Firstly, it was not up to the task of running a successful AdWords campaign. So even if we drove visitors to their website, they would not easily convert into customers.

Another problem with their existing website: it wasn’t emotionally engaging. It didn’t showcase their range of services adequately, or with any point of difference. Our in-house team were able to determine that the Coastal Appliances website wasn’t even optimised (displayed properly on mobile devices). Overall, Oddball’s comprehensive content review confirmed the website looked tired, didn’t answer key questions potential customers would ask, and featured only one way to get in contact. Enter Oddball’s specialist team

The Oddball Approach

Our priorities were clear for this client:

  • Create a stylish website to inspire and emotionally engage visitors
  • Professionally showcase Coastal Appliances’ range of services in an easy to navigate format
  • Generate high quality leads.

We collectively decided that a fresh, new website would be the best way to achieve this client’s goals. We promptly initiated a Lean Web Design Project, designed to look and feel professional, ultimately driving solid conversions.

After launching the refreshed website, opportunities to generate leads through Google Ads were then identified from our in-house expert’s Keyword Research data. Our Marketing Specialist configured a highly-focused Google Ads campaign, geographically targeting the client’s key service areas. They even targeted later stage buyer journey keywords. Dynamic phone number and conversion-tracking was also set up to provide further insight and visibility of this campaign’s performance.

The Effect

The new website achieved a 25.92% conversion rate!

(The Oddball difference)

Stemming from our comprehensive research and launch of a brand new client website, we achieved:

  • 868 new clicks on the website
  • Generated 230 viable leads
  • 25.92% conversion rate (great compared to industry average)

Suffice to say, this was a great success for both the Oddball team and Coastal Appliances! Amazing what a little TLC can do for an un-optimised local business.