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Stanbridge Gardens

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Stanbridge Gardens is a family owned and operated garden solutions and property maintenance business run by father and son, Mark and Nathan Stanbridge. Between the two of them they are qualified and hold licenses in horticulture, carpentry, concreting and handyman duties.

Originally focused on horticultural services, Stanbridge has expanded to meet a wider range of customer needs. It has capitalised on the property boom in recent years as vendors work to attract the highest bids and as new owners move in, needing assistance to maintain their property. Stanbridge is a registered provider under the NDIS and conducts maintenance and modification for NDIS clients.


Stanbridge works with residential, rental and commercial customers as they develop their desired lifestyle environment, both indoors and outdoors.

Their branding and website needed to reflect this diversity and professional approach in industry segments where amateurs and fly-by-night operators are common. As Nathan describes it, ‘Ours is not just a ‘mow, blow and go’ company.’

The logo is in shades evocative of the environment with identical mirrored symbols that could be helping hands or leaves. The images together and the white space between them form an S.
The website provides high-quality images of real projects and a detailed overview of all the Stanbridge service areas, a page for project overviews and blogs.
A strong call-to-action encourages people to arrange a free quote onsite.

A DL flyer targeting residents who have recently purchased their property anticipates the need for garden and indoor maintenance. It focuses attention on aspirational photos and a professional approach raising it above the ranks of gardeners and lawn mowers out there.

The Oddball Effect

The site is brand new and perfectly timed for winter: traditionally a challenging time for people who love their gardens to look their best. Likewise, most carpentry and property projects begin in autumn / winter so as to be ready by spring.

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