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The Jim’s Group is one of the most recognised business identities in Australia, starting with Jim’s Mowing in 1982. The logo, featuring Jim himself, is applied across diverse franchises offering everything from bbq cleaning and insurance to security and window tinting.

Jim’s Insulation Services came to Oddball needing a refreshed website and compelling visual image to modernise its approach and to distinguish it from the many other insulation service providers in the market.


Oddball’s work with Jim’s Insulation has been far-reaching and successful.

Beginning with an accessible and location-specific website, Oddball promoted the huge financial and environmental benefits of good insulation, as well as the massive improvement in comfort inside the home. Through ongoing SEO and Adwords we have ensured that the Jim’s website keeps rising to the top of the search screen.

In partnership with Jim’s Insulation we have built on that strong foundation with a range of exciting strategies to meet potential customers at all stages of the buyer journey.

Regular blogging, targeted Facebook campaigns, landing pages for specific locations, incentives and printed promotional material – all of these have formed part of a powerful integrated strategy to raise awareness of the key issues in insulation, to profile Jim’s Insulation Services, to build loyalty and to generate click, calls, bookings and sales.

Producing regular news posts concentrating on key knowledge areas offers an ongoing resource for users and prospects and helps build the PAS community in Australia and New Zealand.

The Oddball Effect

Jim’s Insulation has seen tangible benefits from working with Oddball including easily-identified high click-through-rates and impressive conversion rates through their Google AdWords campaign which stayed within budget.


With seasonal variations, consumer trends and energy-cost considerations, the focus of the content changes but the key messages are consistent: Call Us, Find out More, Book a Free Quote and save money with insulation.


Clear calls-to-action are essential features of Oddball’s work across any media, resulting in healthy results and high quality leads.

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